[16] Explanation Of Aspirations When Begging For Alms Food, Teaching And Transforming (Of The Great Right And Vast Buddha’s Flower Adornment Sūtra’s Pure Practices’ Chapter)《大方广佛华严经·净行品》明乞食教化时愿

[16] [VS5] [Fifth: Explanation (Of) Aspirations When Begging (For Alms) Food, Teaching (And) Transforming]



[With a] hand holding [a] tin staff, 
[there] should [be] aspiration [for] sentient beings,
[to] establish great [alms]giving assemblies,
[to] reveal suchness’ true path.

[Note: The tin staff is a walking stick with rings at the top that jiggle when monastics walk with it, for warning insects and animals to move away, to avoid being accidentally trod upon. The sound also informs laypersons that a monastic needing alms food is near. Great almsgiving assemblies invite all to come to offer and receive food, while offering the Dharma too. Seeking of alms food is a practical skilful means for survival, also for laypersons to create merits by offering physical food to monastics, while monastics offer the Dharma as spiritual food in return. Suchness’ true path is the right way to Buddhahood, to realise the way all things are.]


Firmly upholding [an alms-]accepting vessel,
[there] should [be] aspiration [for] sentient beings,
[to be] accomplished [as] Dharma vessels,
[to] receive heavenly [and] human [beings’] offerings.

[Note: The alms-accepting vessel is a bowl for monastics to receive alms food from laypersons. To be a Dharma vessel is to be an instrument, one who can receive, practise, realise and share the Buddha’s teachings. If able to do the above, one would be truly worthy of reverence, and deserving of offerings by heavenly and human beings.]



Advancing [by] foot towards [the] path,
[there] should [be] aspiration [for] sentient beings,
[to] turn towards that [the] Buddha practise,
[and] enter [the] place [of] non-reliance.

[Note: The path is towards Buddhahood. The place of non-reliance is the state Buddhahood, which is unconditioned.]

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