The Great Right And Vast Buddha’s Flower Adornment Sūtra’s Pure Practices’ Chapter《大方广佛华严经·净行品》

[The] Great Right [And] Vast Buddha’s Flower Adornment Sūtra’s Pure Practices’ Chapter

[公元 699 年] 唐于阗国三藏沙门实叉难陀译
[In 699 C.E. By] Táng [Dynasty’s] Yútián Kingdom’s Tripiṭaka [Dharma Master] Śramaṇa Śiksānanda Translated [To Chinese]

公元 2021 年优婆塞沈时安译
In 2021 C.E. By Upāsakā Shen Shi’an Translated [To English]

[For ease of detailed studying and editing, square brackets show necessary connective words used in translation, to be removed for final published version later, with addition of glossary and notes. Suggestions are welcome for more precise choice of words. Námó Āmítuófó.]


_[__] : 总分 Overall Section Number
  [S_] : 长行 Stanza Number
[VS_] : 偈分 Verse Section Number
  [V_] : 偈子 Verse Number

[Preface Section]

For [01] – [10] Below:

[01] [S1] [First: Ten Kinds (Of) Three Karmas]

[02] [S2] [Second: Ten Kinds (Of) Perfection]

[03] [S3] [Third: Ten Kinds (Of) Wisdom]

[04] [S4] [Fourth: Ten Powers]

[05] [S5] [Fifth: Ten Kinds (Of) Skilfulness]

[06] [S6] [Sixth: Seven Awakening (Factors And) Three Concentrations]

[07] [S7] [Seventh: Six Perfections (And) Four Bráhma

[08] [S8] [Eighth: Ten Wisdom Powers]

[09] [S9] [Ninth: Ten Kings’ Protection (And) Support]

[10] [S10] [Tenth: Ten Deliverances (Of) Sentient Beings, Ten Transcendences (Of) All]

[Main Principles’ Section]

[11] [S11] [Ten Questions’ One Answer]

[12] [VS1] [First: Explanation (Of) Aspirations (For) Bodhisattvas When At Home]
[V001] – [V011]

[13] [VS2] [Second:
Explanation (Of) Aspirations When Initially Leaving Home]
[V012] – [V027]

[14] [VS3] [Three: Explanation (Of) Aspirations When Cultivating Meditative Concentration]
[V028] – [V032]

[15] [VS4] [Fourth: Explanation (Of) Aspirations (For) Majestic Conduct When Advancing (And) Retreating (From) Dwellings]
[V033] – [V046]

[16] [VS5] [Fifth: Explanation (Of) Aspirations When Begging (For Alms) Food, Teaching (And) Transforming]
[V047] – [V049]

[17] [VS6] [Sixth: Explanation (Of) Aspirations When On (The) Road Seeing (And) Hearing All Matters]
[V050] – [V104]

[18] [VS7] [Seventh: Explanation (Of) Aspirations When Reaching Villages (To) Beg (For Alms) Food]
[V105] – [V128]

[19] [VS8] [Eighth: Explanation (Of) Aspirations When (Alms) Food-Begging, Prostrating (And) Reciting]
[V129] – [V138]

[20] [VS9] [Ninth: Explanation (Of) Aspirations When (In) Day (And) Night Sleeping (And) Waking]
[V139] – [V141]

[Transmission Section]

[21] [S12]

[Preface (On The) Conditions (For) Arising (Of The) Flower Adornment Sūtra’s Pure Practices’ Chapter Attached Behind (The) Pure Land (Tradition’s) Five Sūtras]

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