[11] Ten Questions’ One Answer (Of The Great Right And Vast Buddha’s Flower Adornment Sūtra’s Pure Practices’ Chapter’s Main Principles’ Section) 《大方广佛华严经·净行品》正宗分:十问一答

[Main Principles’ Section]

[11] [S11] [Ten Questions’ One Answer]


Disciple [of the] Buddha, if all Bodhisattvas [are] good [at] using their minds, [they will] then obtain all excellent [and] wonderful meritorious virtues, of all [the] Buddhadharma, [with their] minds without that obstructed, abiding [on the] path of past, future [and] present Buddhas, according [with] sentient beings abiding, constantly not abandoning [and] leaving [them], in accordance with all dharmas’ forms, [with] all able [to be] thoroughly understood, severing all evils, [to be] complete [with] all good, then like Universal Virtue [Bodhisattva, with] physical appearances foremost, [with] all practices [and] aspirations, all attaining perfection, of all dharmas, without [those] not [with] ease, then as sentient beings’ second guiding teachers.


Disciple [of the] Buddha, how [to] use [the] mind, [to be] able [to] obtain all [these] excellent [and] wonderful meritorious virtues?

[Note: To summarise, those training as Bodhisattvas (to become Buddhas) should practise well with their minds, to attain all the above qualities asked for.

To do so, they should practise by giving rise to the aspirations that follow, which will further inspire their fulfilment in speech and body, thus realising those qualities in the process, for the ultimate benefit of one and all. With this done, they will be emulating Universal Virtue Bodhisattva’s aspirations and practices, thus becoming perfect Bodhisattvas like him, qualified to be spiritual teachers second only to the Buddhas.]

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