With Wholehearted Mindfulness Of Buddha Is Definite Rebirth In Pure Land 一心念佛决定往生净土  Doing A Fasting Seven-Day Retreat Is An Utmost Dangerous Practice 打饿七为极险事

[With] Wholehearted Mindfulness [Of] Buddha [Is] Definite Rebirth [In] Pure Land


[The] Dharma Door [Of] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha, [is] with Faith [and] Aspiration as [its] first guide. If without true Faith [and] sincere Aspiration, do not say [that this with] not corresponding, not able [to be] reborn [in Pure Land]. Even if corresponding, [this is] likewise not able [to] definitely [be] reborn.


Single-mindedness without [being] scattered, [and] Samādhi [From] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha, [are] likewise not easy [to] attain. If having true Faith [and] sincere Aspiration, [but] yet [to] attain correspondence, [this] likewise can [be] reborn, moreover [if] already [with] correspondence.


You, [if] only knowing [to] seek [for] correspondence, [when] slightly having correspondence’s atmosphere, then giving rise [to the] mind [of] joy [and] praise, this likewise is [the] phenomenon of not [having] correspondence, due to this thus, having strange appearances manifesting.


[For] cultivators, that [to be] most avoided, [is with] attaining [of] little as enough. [With] attaining little as enough, then giving rise [to] regression [and] laziness, this is truth [with] certainty.


[I] implore [you to] only [be] wholeheartedly mindful, [and] not with ‘not corresponding not attaining rebirth’ as doubt [and] fear. Of all states, all [should] not [be] paid attention to, also not asking [if] they [will lead to a] good death [or a] bad death. Apart from mindfulness [of] Buddha, [do] not cause [the] rise [of a] second thought. Like this, then can [there be] attaining [of] definite rebirth’s benefits.

Doing Fasting Seven[-Day Retreat] Practices Is Utmost Dangerous


If afraid [of] when dying, [having] all kinds of obstacles [that are] not appropriate, because [of this] doing [a] fasting seven[-day retreat], this practice [is with] dangers utmost.

[Note 1: Fasting retreats that abstain from food and drink totally are dangerous as practitioners might die from starvation and thirst before having any spiritual breakthrough, which is what was wanted. Dying with great desperation and dissatisfaction, it will be difficult to have good rebirths.]


[If having] eaten full, still not able [to have] correspondence, when reaching hunger [till] almost dying, [can you] still [be] able [to have] correspondence?

[Note 2: Rather than doing fasting seven-day retreats with the body (身上打饿七), which only punishes the body, making it difficult to use for further practice, we might as well do fasting seven-day retreats with the mind (心上打饿七), which is to ‘starve’ the mind from all false (i.e. stray) thoughts, which are those not aligned with wholehearted mindfulness of Buddha (一心念佛).]


If [you] must do [a] fasting seven[-day retreat], please descend [from this] mountain [and go] to another place [to] do [it, as Mount] Língyán [Monastery (灵岩山寺) here] will definitely not allow [the] holding [of] this one Dharma [practice].


You are totally [from] within false throughts’ nest seeking correspondence. If willing [to have] all false thoughts all put down, [you] will definitely [have your] sickness healed, [with your] body [at] peace. Even if [your] worldly lifespan [is] already exhausting, [you] also will [have your] Right Mindfulness clearly revealed, following [the] Buddha [to be] reborn.

[Note 3: There are the rare few, such as Dharma Master Yíngkē (莹珂法师), who are able to ‘forgo’ eating and drinking to connect to the Buddha. They were actually capable of letting go of all false thoughts (including those on food and drink), to be wholeheartedly mindful of the Buddha, thus not needing to consume. It only seems as if they ‘had’ to fast, when fasting was more incidental than intentional. Also, for those very old and/or sick, with their bodies ‘winding down’ naturally, they usually need to eat less and less, and eventually none at all.]


People mindful [of the] Buddha, must not have thoughts [about their] future [worldly] lives [and] lives after [the] next. [If] your rebirth’s mind [is] still not focused singularly, then [are you] definitely not able, [to] not again in this world receive births of [the] six paths.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Reply Letter [To] Great Master Huìkōng)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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