‘The Pure Land Tradition’s Five Sūtras’ As Checked By The Chinese Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng 中国净土宗十三祖印光大师校订之《净土五经》


Translation’s Introduction: 88 years ago, in the year 1933, just 7 years before he returned to Pure Land in 1940, the Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng (净土宗十三祖印光大师) completed his proofreading (i.e. checking for wording errors: 校订), compilation and publication of ‘The Pure Land [Tradition’s] Five Sūtras’《净土五经》. Being a prolific proofreader, editor and writer with thousands of works, this is perhaps the single most important publication he supervised, as the text contains the key Buddhist scriptures that Pure Land practitioners should focus upon for learning and practice. He is also the Pure Land Patriarch who proposed the grouping of these five sūtras for more complete learning, versus focus on only one, two, three or four sūtras.

由于这些经典可能会有其他版本的流传,导致大众的迷惑,大师所选择的经文应当视为决定性的。在他的时代如此,在所有的后代也如此。为了弘扬佛法,为了利益后人,此经书所以不断发行流通。尤其在我们更深入末法时期的这个时代,因为可能不再有净土祖师的出现,这对于后人而言至关重要。在1937年,第四版,也是最后一版,发行了。如以下所列,仔细阅读时,将发现这本书不只包含五部经典,还收录了其他11篇教理 – 引言2篇、序言2篇、修行附录1篇、赞颂1篇 、相关经品2篇 、附言2篇,与回向偈1篇

As there might be other versions of these sūtras circulated, that lead to confusion of the masses, the ones chosen should be seen as conclusive, in his time and for all future generations. The continual republication of this book for Dharma propagation is crucial for posterity’s sake as there might be no more Pure Land Patriarchs arising, especially as we advance deeper into this Dharma-Ending Age. In 1937, the fourth and final edition was published. Upon closer reading, as listed below, it will be seen that the book contains more than five sūtras. Also included are 11 other texts – 2 introductions, 2 prefaces, 1 appendix on cultivation, 1 set of praises, 2 related sūtra chapters, 2 postscripts and 1 dedication verse.

据我们所知,这本珍贵的教义集是第一次在此,完整的用中英文一起呈现,以供双语参考。[为方便详细学习和编排,方括号显示翻译中使用的必要连接词,在将来最终出版版本会删除。也欢迎大家提出更精确用词的建议。] 这项翻译工作是依靠 的所有学生、读者和施主的大力支持而完成的。万分感恩大家!愿它能利益多人。愿所有见者都推荐于更多学人。为最速成佛道,愿一切众生都在此生,幸福得生净土。南无阿弥陀佛。(2021年6月23日)

Here, from what we know, available for the very first time, is this precious collection of teachings presented in full, as translated into English, placed with the original Chinese text for reference[For ease of detailed studying and editing, square brackets show necessary connective words used in translation, to be removed for the final published version later. Suggestions are welcome for more precise choice of words.] With great gratitude, this work is made possible by the great support of all students, readers and benefactors of and May it benefit many. May all who see it recommend it to more. For the swiftest progress to Buddhahood, may all attain the most fortunate birth in Pure Land by the end of this life. Námó Āmítuófó. (23 June 2021)

‘[The] Pure Land [Tradition’s] Five Sūtras’ [As] Checked By [The] Chinese Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng

‘[The] Pure Land [Tradition’s] Five Sūtras’ (Traditional Chinese Version)

弘化社版 Hong Hua She Version

[1] 以至诚心读诵经
With Utmost Sincere Minds Study And Recite Sūtras

‘The Pure Land Tradition’s Five Sūtras’ Republication’s Preface

The Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of Amitābha Buddha

[4] 附录修行净土法门后序
Appendix On Cultivation Of The Practice Of The Pure Land Dharma Door’s Afterword

[5] 御制无量寿佛赞
The Emperor’s Composition Of Immeasurable Life Buddha’s Praises

The Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of Contemplation On Immeasurable Life Buddha

The Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of Immeasurable Life

The Great Buddha Crown’s Śūraṅgama Sūtra’s Section On Great Power Arrived Bodhisattva’s Perfect Penetration With Mindfulness Of Buddha

The Great Right And Vast Buddha’s Flower Adornment Sūtra’s Universal Virtue Bodhisattva’s Practices And Vows’ Chapter

The Great Right And Vast Buddha’s Flower Adornment Sūtra’s Pure Practices’ Chapter

Preface On The Conditions For Arising Of The Flower Adornment Sūtra’s Pure Practices’ Chapter Attached Behind The Pure Land Tradition’s Five Sūtras

The Great Buddha Crown’s Śūraṅgama Sūtra’s 6th Scroll’s Four Kinds Of Clear And Definitive Instructions On Purity

[13] 附《楞严经·四种清净明诲》跋
Attached Śūraṅgama Sūtra’s Four Kinds Of Clear Instructions On Purity’s Postscript

[14] 印送《净土五经》跋
Printing And Gifting Of The Pure Land Tradition’s Five Sūtras’ Postscript

[15] 普为出资及读诵受持辗转流通者回向偈曰
Dedication Verses Universally For Those Who Sponsor And Those Who Recite, Accept, Uphold, Pass And Distribute This

[16] 保宁勇禅师看经警文
Bǎo Níngyǒng Chán Master’s Cautionary Text For Reading Sūtras

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