[28] Record Of How Mindfulness Of Buddha Saved A Child From Rākṣasas 小孩念佛驱赶罗刹记

Sòng History’s Country [(On) Rākṣasas] 


[In the] Sòng [Dynasty, there] was one country, [that was] with rākṣasas close to each another.

[Note 1: Some sources say this occurred in the Sòng of the Southern Dynasties (南朝宋), while some say there is a similar case in India in the Buddha’s time.]


[When a] number [of] rākṣasas entered [the] country, [they] ate people without knowing [any] limits.

[Note 2: Rākṣasas are potentially violent ghosts who eat human flesh.]


[The] King with [the] rākṣasas [made a] promise, saying, ‘From today onwards, households within [my] country, each exclusively, [on each] one day, will assign [a person to be] sent [to] go [to you. Do [not] unjustly kill.’

[Note 3: This agreement was reluctantly made to reduce killings, while preparing those about to be killed.]


[There] was [a] family [that] revered [the] Buddha, [that] only had one child, [a] youth [of] ten years [old, who was] next to serve [and] depart.

[Note 4: The child was probably chosen despite being young by drawing lots.]


[When] at the time [of] leaving [and] farewell, [the] father [and] mother [were] pitifully crying, then [telling their child to be with the] sincere mind, [to be] mindful [of] Buddha, [as] with [the] Buddha’s majestic supernormal [power] thus, great ghosts cannot [come] near.

[Note 5: Although naturally fearful, the parents already had Faith in the power of mindfulness of Buddha. When there is mindfulness of Buddha, there will be protective light extending for more than 33 metres, according to an account. (See ‘Related Case’ below.]


[The] next day, seeing [their] child [was] still alive, [they] joyfully returned together.


From this [moment], thereupon, [disturbances] disappeared, [as the] people of the country depended on this [practice]. From ‘Record [Of The] Hidden [And] Visible’ [or ‘Darkness And Light’] [By Liú Yìqìng compiled]

[Note 6: If all in the country practised mindfulness of Buddha, with many overlapping radiuses of protection created, thus protecting one another, the people naturally became safe from malevolent ghosts.]

Extensive Records [Of The] Tàipíng [Era]
宋 ·
Compiled [by] Sòng [Dynasty’s] Lǐ Fǎng, et al

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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