[74] How My Aunt Departed Blissfully Despite Severe Dementia

My Aunt, at the age of 86, passed away blissfully on 26th Dec 2020. Following offering of guidance, after 12 hours of support-chanting, family members who helped to clean her gave feedback that her body was totally soft and flexible.

We all felt rejoice and are sure that it can only be through Āmítuófó’s blessings that this could happen. (This is an auspicious sign, called ‘the body and mind being gentle and soft’ [身心柔软], which reflects happiness of the body and bliss of the mind, possibly enabled by the Buddha’s blessings.)

Previously, she never had the opportunity to learn Buddhism properly, and although religiously devoted, it was mostly towards traditional Taoist practice only. She was also suffering from diabetes and dementia, with her dementia worsening in the last one year, in which she became totally bedridden, could not recognise anyone and even needed tube-feeding.

I am writing this as another testimony to share, that the dying, even those with severe dementia, can truly benefit from support-chanting. (When one with dementia passes away physically, as the consciousness will be disconnected from the diseased brain, the mind will function without dementia, and be able to understand guidance offered clearly.)

Námó Āmítuófó: KM
1 Jan 2021

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