[8] Be Mindful Of Buddha To Attain Very Good Departure 念佛去得甚好


[Part 8]: When young, still not knowing [about] mindfulness [of] Buddha, [I] saw a neighbouring old woman, [who] every day chanted several thousand [times of] Buddha’s [name].

[Note 1: Daily discipline of practice committed to can be measured by number of chants or duration of chanting.]

问云:「为何如此? 」

[I] asked, ‘Why [do you practise] in this way?’


She said, ‘When [my] former husband [was] reborn, [he practised] mindfulness [of] Buddha. [As he] attained departure [that went] extremely good, thus [am] I in this way chanting [too]. When [my] former husband departed, [he was] also without other sicknesses, only with people once greeted, then leaving.’

[Note 2: She was emulating the good example set by her late husband, who practised so well that he was able to depart with great ease and without sickness, thus inspiring her, the Great Master and others who know of his case. We too should emulate good examples by becoming good examples.]


[If so, of those who have] left [the] household [life], how [can they] not [be] mindful [of] Buddha [too]?

[Note 3: Not only for monastics, who should seek to be liberated from all worldly rebirths, since laypersons also wish to depart well for the best destination, all should learn and practise mindfulness of Buddha sincerely and diligently.]

Pure Land Tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Liánchí
(Collection [Of] Yúnqī’s Pure Land Sayings: Eight Articles [As] Warnings [For The] Masses)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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