What Is The Second Kind Of Beings Who Reach Pure Land? 何为往生净土的第二种众生?


[Sūtra]: Second, [are those who] study [and] recite [the] Great Vehicle’s vast [and] equal sūtras.

【疏】:二明「读诵大乘」者,此明众生性习不同, 执法各异。  

[Commentary]: Second, [is] explanation [of] ‘study [and] recite [the] Great Vehicle’. This [is] explanation [of] sentient beings’ nature [of] habits [not being] not [the] same, [thus with] upholding [of the] Dharma each [being] different.


[The] previous first [kind of] persons, only use cultivation [of] loving-kindness [and] upholding [of] precepts as [their] abilities. Next, [this] second [kind of] persons, only use study [and] recitation [of the] Great Vehicle as practices.


However, [with] precepts then able [to] uphold [the fundamental] ability of [the] Five Vehicles’ [(of human beings, heavenly beings, Śrāvakas, Pratyekabuddhas and Bodhisattvas), and the] three Buddha [bodies (of the Dharma Body [法身], Reward Body [报身] and Manifestation Bodies [化身]), and with the] Dharma then perfuming [to] become wisdom of [the] Three Virtuous [Ones (of the Ten Abodes [十住], Ten Practices [十行] and Ten Dedications [十回向]) and the] Ten Grounds’ [(of Joy Ground [欢喜地], Departure From Defilements’ Ground [离垢地], Radiance Ground [发光地], Brilliant Wisdom Ground [燄慧地], Difficult-To-Conquer Ground [难胜地], Manifestation Before Ground [现前地], Far-Proceeding Ground [远行地], Immovable Ground [不动地], Good Wisdom Ground [善慧地] and Dharma Cloud Ground [法云地])] ten thousand practices.


If with virtues used [to] compare these, each has one ability. [This] then agrees [with the] above Third Blessing’s third line saying, ‘study [and] recite [the] Great Vehicle’.


Pure Land Tradition’s 2nd Patriarch Great Master Shàndǎo
(Commentary [On The] Contemplation Sūtra [In] Four Fascicles: Scroll Four: Scattered Goodness’ Meaning)

Summary: The second kind of beings who reach Pure Land are those who study and recite the Great Vehicle’s sūtras’ teachings, ideally also putting them into actual practice. Naturally, aligning with the Bodhi Mind, they also uphold precepts, that culminate in leading to Bodhisattvahood and Buddhahood, with their various related practices.

Namo Amituofo : Translation and summary by Shen Shi’an

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