[04] The Fourth Great Vow: Repenting Of Karmic Obstacles (Of Universal Virtue Bodhisattva’s Practices’ And Vows’ Chapter)《普贤菩萨行愿品》第四大愿:忏悔业障

[04] [The Fourth Great Vow: Repenting (Of) Karmic Obstacles]


Furthermore, good man, speaking [of] that, [of] repenting [of] karmic obstacles, Bodhisattvas [should] personally recite, “I, in past beginningless kalpas within, due [to] greed, anger [and] ignorance, gave rise [to] body, speech [and] mind, [to] create all evil karmas, immeasurable [and] boundless. If these evil karmas have that [of] substantial forms, exhausting empty space’s realms, [they are] not able [to] contain [and] receive [them]. I now, all with pure three karmas, everywhere in [the] Dharma Realm’s extremely fine dust [motes of] lands, before all Buddhas’ [and] Bodhisattvas’ assemblies, [with the] sincere mind repent, [to] later not again create [them, by] constantly abiding [in] pure precepts’ all meritorious virtues.”  


Thus [with] empty space’s realms exhausted, sentient beings’ realms exhausted, sentient beings’ karmas exhausted, sentient beings’ afflictions exhausted, my repenting then exhausts. Yet, [as] empty space’s realms and even sentient beings’ afflictions [are] inexhaustible thus, my this repenting [will] not have [a] complete end. [With] thought [to] thought [in] continuous succession, not having interruption. [With] body, speech [and] mind karmas, not having weariness.

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