[09] The Ninth Contemplation: Everywhere Contemplating All Physical Bodies’ Forms’ Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra) 《观经》第九观:遍观一切色身相想

[09] [The Ninth Contemplation: Everywhere Contemplating All Physical Bodies’ Forms’ Contemplation]


[The] Buddha told Ānanda and Vaidehī, ‘[With] this contemplation accomplished already, next [that] should also [be] contemplated [are] Immeasurable Life Buddha’s body’s form’s bright lights.


Ānanda, [you] should know, [that] Immeasurable Life Buddha’s body [is] like [a] thousand million koṭis [of] Yama Heaven’s Jāmbūnada’s golden colours. [The] Buddha’s body [is as] tall [as] six hundred thousand koṭis’ nayutas [of] Ganges River’s sands [of] yojanas.


[The] fine white hair between [his] brows, [to the] right circumambulating [and] winding around, [is] like five Sumeru mountains.


[The] Buddha’s eyes [are] like [the] four great oceans’ water, [with their] blue [and] white distinct [and] clear.


[His] body’s all pores, change [to] emit bright light, like Mount Sumeru. That Buddha’s halo’s light, [is] like [that of a] hundred koṭis [of] three-thousandfold great-thousandfold worlds.


In [his] halo’s light within, has [a] million koṭis’ nayutas [of] Ganges River’s sands [of] manifested Buddhas. Each [and every] one manifested Buddha, likewise has many innumerable manifested Bodhisattvas, with [them] as attendants.


Immeasurable Life Buddha has eighty-four thousand forms. Each [and every] one form within, each has eighty-four thousand appearance-following excellences. Each [and every] one excellence within, moreover, has eighty-four thousand bright lights. Each [and every] one bright light, everywhere illuminates [the] ten directions’ worlds’ sentient beings [who are] mindful [of the] Buddha, gathering [and] receiving, not abandoning [them]. His lights’ forms’ excellences, and with manifested Buddhas, cannot [be] completely spoken [of].


[You] only should recollect [and] contemplate, [to] enable [the] mind’s eye [to] see. Those seeing these matters, [will] immediately see [the] ten directions’ all Buddhas. With seeing all Buddhas thus, [this is] named Samādhi [From] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha. Those doing this contemplation, [are] named [as doing] Contemplation [Of] All Buddhas’ Bodies.


With contemplation [of the] Buddhas’ bodies thus, likewise seeing [the] Buddhas’ minds. Those Buddhas’ minds are great loving-kindness [and] compassion. With unconditional loving-kindness, gathering all sentient beings.


Those [who] do this contemplation, [when] relinquishing [their] bodies [for] other lives, [will be] born before all Buddhas, [to] attain Non-Arising’s Forbearance. Therefore, those wise should [with] continual minds, attentively contemplate Immeasurable Life Buddha.


Those contemplating Immeasurable Life Buddha, [should] from one form’s excellence enter. Only contemplating [the] fine white hair between [his] brows, [to the] utmost enabled [to be] understood clearly. [For] those seeing [the] fine white hair between [his] brows’ form, [the] eighty-four thousand forms’ excellences, [will] naturally then appear. Those [who] see Immeasurable Life Buddha, [will] immediately see [the] ten directions’ immeasurable all Buddhas. Attaining sight [of] immeasurable all Buddhas thus, all Buddhas [will] manifest [in their] presence [to] confer predictions.


[This] is [known] as Everywhere Contemplating All Physical Bodies’ Forms, named [the] Ninth Contemplation. Those doing this contemplation, [are] named as [having] right contemplation. If [there are] those [with] other contemplations, [they are] named as wrong contemplations.’

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