[05] Fifth Chapter On Ancient Buddhas’ Arising (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》古佛出兴第五

Main Principles’ Section

Dharma Treasury’s Causal Ground’s Vows [And] Practices

[05] Fifth [Chapter On] Ancient Buddhas Arising


[The] Buddha told Ānanda, ‘Previously [in the] past, long [and] distant, immeasurable, inconceivable [and] inexhaustible numerous kalpas [ago], Lamp Lighter Thus Come [One], arose in [this] world, [to] teach [and] transform, [to] deliver [and] liberate immeasurable sentient beings, [with] all enabled [to] attain [the] path, then attaining Parinirvāṇa.


Next is [the] Thus Come [One], named Light Far[-Reaching]. Next [is] named Moon Light. Next [is] named Sandalwood Fragrance. Next [is] named Good Mountain King. Next [is] named Sumeru’s Heavenly Crown. Next [is] named Sumeru’s Equal Brilliance. Next [is] named Moon Colour. Next [is] named Right Mindfulness. Next [is] named Departure [From] Defilements. Next [is] named Non-Attachment. Next [is] named Dragon Heaven. Next [is] named Night Light. Next [is] named Peaceful Bright Crown. Next [is] named Immovable Ground. Next [is] named Lapis Lazuli Wonderful Flower. Next [is] named Lapis Lazuli Golden Colour. Next [is] named Gold Treasury. Next [is] named Flaming Light. Next [is] named Flaming Roots. Next [is] named Earth Seed. Next [is] named Moon Image. Next [is] named Sun Voice. Next [is] named Liberation Flower. Next [is] named Majestic Bright Light. Next [is] named Ocean [Of] Awakening’s Supernormal Powers. Next [is] named Water Light. Next [is] named Great Fragrance. Next [is] named Departure [From] Dust [And] Dirt. Next [is] named Renunciation [Of] Aversion’s Mind. Next [is] named Treasure Flames. Next [is] named Wonderful Crown. Next [is] named Courageous Stance. Next [is] named Meritorious Virtues Upholding Wisdom. Next [is] named Covering Sun [And] Moon Light. Next [is] named Sun [And] Moon Lapis Lazuli Light. Next [is] named Unsurpassable Lapis Lazuli Light. Next [is] named Most Foremost [One]. Next [is] named Bodhi Flower. Next [is] named Moon Brightness. Next [is] named Sun Light. Next [is] named Flower Colour King. Next [is] named Water Moon Light. Next [is] named Elimination [Of] Delusion’s Darkness. Next [is] named Deliverance [From] Hindrances’ Practice. Next [is] named Pure Faith. Next [is] named Good Lodging. Next [is] named Mighty Supernormal [Powers]. Next [is] named Dharma Wisdom. Next [is] named Phoenix Voice. Next [is] named Lion Voice. Next [is] named Dragon Voice. Next [is] named Dwelling [In The] World. Like this, all [these] Buddhas, [have] all already passed.


At that time, next is [a] Buddha, named King [Of] World [With] Ease Thus Come [One, One Who] Should [Be] Offered, Equally [And] Rightly Awakened [One, One With] Understanding [And] Practice Complete, Well-Gone [One], World-Understanding [One], Unsurpassable [One], Supreme Tamer [Of] Men, Heavenly [And] Human [Beings’] Teacher, Buddha, World-Honoured [One].

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