Can I Stay In Pure Land And Not Create Another?

Question: Can I stay in Āmítuófó’s Pure Land and not leave to create another Pure Land?

Answer: The Immeasurable Life Sūtra states that all who reach Āmítuófó’s Pure Land will naturally be inspired to become Buddhas, and to create Pure Lands that are similarly splendid.

It can be said that every Buddha will create a Pure Land, as he will have immeasurable meritorious virtues by then, that might as well also be deliberately channeled to create Pure Lands to skilfully guide those with closer karmic affinities.

It can also be said that Pure Lands will also manifest naturally from Buddhas’ meritorious virtues. For example, the state of your home now is the natural manifestation of your current meritorious virtues. There is no need to ‘create’ it very deliberately, but there it is karmically. But of course, there is no unmindful or careless Buddha.

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