Can I Stay In Pure Land Forever?

Question: Can I stay in Āmítuófó’s Pure Land and not leave to become a Buddha?

Answer: Even though the Pure Land offers immeasurable life, it is still finitely long, albeit in an innumerable way. Much time is offered to assure that there can be all the time in the world available to learn and practise the path to Buddhahood. Yet, being the most skilful Dharma school, all will graduate and depart swiftly as enlightened Bodhisattvas to accomplish Buddhahood. If not, this would make it a poor school instead.

All born in Pure Land will quickly be inspired to give rise to perfect Bodhicitta, to thus become perfect Bodhisattvas. As these Bodhisattvas aspire to become Buddhas, and to guide all beings to Buddhahood, it is impossible for these Bodhisattvas to not become Buddhas. Those who have left Pure Land can return at any time though. Even those who are already Buddhas can manifest as Bodhisattvas to guide others there.

Even if attaining Buddhahood and guiding all to Buddhahood might seem daunting, those trained as Bodhisattvas via Pure Land will be able to do these naturally within and beyond. This might sound like hard work, but the idea of ‘hard work’ disappears once Pure Land is reached. All will be be with great ease learnt, practised and mastered. The path to Pure Land is thus the path of ease in speedy progress to Buddhahood for one and all.  

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