How Are Negative Karma & Karmic Creditors Different? 恶业与冤亲债主有何分别?Three Pieces Of Bad & Good News 三则好坏消息

Question: Are negative karma and karmic creditors the same or different?

Answer: They are the same only in terms of both involving negative karma. They are different in terms of sentient karmic creditors being only one of the possible manifestations of negative karma. Karmic creditors are incurred through creating of negative karma, while negative karma does not always ripen through karmic creditors‘ harm. Negative karma can also manifest as sickness directly, without involving any other being.

For instance, one might had created negative karma of killing with a fatal hit and run accident, but this might not incur a hateful karmic creditor directly, especially if the killed victim does not know who is the person who killed him or her. However, even so, the killer can still experience the negative karma of similarly dying in an accident, that does not involve anyone else, as natural karmic retribution.

Because we all have many past lives, there is a high chance that we all have many karmic creditors by now, with unresolved karmic debts. This is the bad news [1]. However, not all karmic creditors are able to encounter us in this single lifetime, due to the natural limiting constraints of both parties’ connected karma. This is the good news [1].

Yet, there is a common fear of some karmic creditors arriving when on the death bed, whom for the average person, cannot be guaranteed to be without. This is the bad news [2]. However, when a person practises mindfulness of Buddha sincerely, not a single karmic creditor can come near. Upon reach of Pure Land, the negative connections will be disconnected from. This is the good news [2].

As we have countless past lives, our immeasurable negative karma is hard to clear in one lifetime. This is the bad news [3]. However, with sincere mindfulness of Buddha, the Buddha’s immeasurable meritorious virtues’ blessings are able to dilute away any ripening negative karma that prevents reach of Pure Land in the moment. Upon reach of Pure Land, negative karma’s possibilities of ripening will be eradicated. This is the good news [3].

Diseased cells and viruses, although alive, are not complex enough to be sentient beings. Thus, they should not be regarded as karmic creditors, for if they are so, with mindfulness of Buddha, all karmic creditors will have to keep away. This is not so for severely sick and dying practitioners, or they would be cured and never die in this life, even before reaching Pure Land. Thus, such sicknesses are sustained by negative karma; not karmic creditors. (Total and lasting healing is with reaching of Pure Land, as conditions there allow so, while conditions here ‘guarantee’ ageing, sickness and death instead.)

Sicknesses can be karmically caused by living habits, in terms of unwholesome physical and mental consumption, that involves, for example, unhealthy eating and drinking, with negative thinking and feelings – without connection to karmic creditors. Although karmic creditors can condition the rise of some physical and mental sicknesses, the cause of having karmic creditors is creating of negative karma, by having harmed them. Thus, as we are the cause of having karmic creditors, we are our key karmic creditors, and our key resolvers. With the resolve of reaching Pure Land, this resolves all karmic debts.

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