Should I Niànfó For Those Deceased For Some Time?

Question: If someone claims to have a dream of the deceased a few years after her passing, in which she asked for some ritual, should there be guidance of the deceased to Niànfó instead? Will this cause confusion?

Answer: There are these issues to consider first –

[1] Is the dreamer’s dream credible? (Some dreams are spun by the dreamer’s own mind due to attachment and delusion mixed together. Karmic creditors can also manifest in dreams as the familiar, whom one keeps thinking about, so as to confuse. This is while Niànfó attains protection by the Buddhas, and prevents such disturbances.)

[2] What are details of the dream? (They should be known in detail to check for its sensibility and credibility.)

[3] What is the ritual wanted? (If it is not aligned with the Buddha’s teachings, it might be be helpful, and even potentially harmful.)

[4] Was there asking of why there is the request only after these few years? (Could it be the ‘dreamer’ wanting to profit in/directly with claim for need of the ritual?)  

Even if the above issues are unclear, sincere Niànfó is the very way to avoid confusion. Do follow this sequence of practice: purelanders.com/wake Do adapt its guidance text accordingly.

Practising as recommended is the easiest way for the deceased to connect to the best subject of mindfulness possible – a Buddha who represents all Buddhas – Āmítuófó, for the best rebirth possible.

As Niànfó is streamlined and simple in practice, versus all other more complex practices, how can it create confusion? Confusion is more likely to arise from other practices.

If the dream was genuine, it should be known that the deceased does NOT know about Niànfó, which is why she did not mention about it. The deceased does not know what is best for herself, which is why, if the dream is real, she is not yet reborn well. With sincere guidance to practise Niànfó, she will realise why it is important, and receive benefits accordingly.

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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