How To Pronounce Āmítuófó’s Name? 如何称阿弥陀佛之名号?


[1] The original Sanskrit (梵文) name in its most basic form is Amitā Bud(dha) (阿弥陀佛[陀]).

[2] The name transliterated (译音) into original ancient Chinese is thus similar to that in [1], pronounced as Āmítā Bu(tā).

[3] Bu (佛) is short for Buddha or Butā (佛陀).

[4] Due to changes in pronunciation en masse to unify style of usage, the name in modern Chinese is most popularly Āmítuófó (阿弥陀佛) now – with changes of tā to tuó (陀) and bu to fó (佛). In various Chinese dialects, there are slight variations accordingly.

[5] Following both Sanskrit and Chinese versions, Ā (阿) is the accurate way to pronounce the first word, not as Ē or Ō.

[6] Although there are differences in pronunciation, as long as sincere mindfulness of the Buddha’s name is with the right Faith (信) and Aspiration (愿), there will still be connection to him with response (感应).

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