Text On Mindfulness Of Buddha In The ‘Treatise On Awakening Of Faith In The Mahāyāna’ And The ‘Net-Tearing Commentary’《大乘起信论》与 《裂网疏》念佛文 Treatise On Awakening Of Faith’s Teachings On Supremely Outstanding Skilful Means’ Explanations《起信论》示胜异方便释


Treatise: ‘Treatise On Awakening Of Faith In The Mahāyāna [i.e. Great Vehicle]’ by the Chán Tradition‘s 12th Indian Patriarch Aśvaghoṣa Bodhisattva


Commentary: ‘Net-Tearing Commentary On The “Treatise on Awakening of Faith in the Mahāyāna”’ by the Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Chinese Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì

‘Treatise [On] Awakening [Of] Faith’s Teachings [On] Supremely Outstanding Skilful Means’ Explanations

Further Teachings [On] Supremely Outstanding Skilful Means’ Divided [In] Two:

First, General Explanation [On] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha’s Elimination [Of] Obstacles:


Treatise: Furthermore, beginner learning Bodhisattvas abiding [in] this Sahā World [Of Endurance, might] perhaps encounter cold, heat, wind [and] rain frequently, [or at any time, with] famine [and] other [forms of physical and mental] suffering, perhaps seeing sentient beings [who are] not good [i.e. evil, and are] fearsome.


By [the] three poisons [of greed, hatred and delusion] bound, [with] evil views inverted, [thus] abandoning, turning [their] backs [to the] good path, [to] habitually practise evil dharmas.


[For] Bodhisattvas within [these, whose] minds give rise [to] timidity [and] weakness, [who] fear not [being] able [to] meet all Buddhas [and] Bodhisattvas, [who] fear not [being] able [to] accomplish [the] mind [of] pure Faith, who give rise [to] doubts, [and] desire [to] retreat, [they] should have this thought,


‘All Buddhas [and] Bodhisattvas [of the] ten directions, [have] all attained great supernormal powers without obstacles. [They are] able [to], with all kinds [of] skilful [and] expedient means, save all sentient beings [in] dangerous places [and situations].’


Having this thought already, [they should] give rise [to the] great vow [i.e. Aspiration], to wholeheartedly focus [on] mindfulness [of a] Buddha and[/or] Bodhisattva.


With [the] giving rise [of] such [a] decisive [i.e. decided(ly determined)] mind thus, when this life ends, [they will] definitely attain rebirth within [that] other Buddha land, [to] see [the] Buddha [and] Bodhisattva, [with the] mind [of] Faith accomplished, forever departing [from] evil realms, [until ready to save the beings there].


Commentary: Beginner learning Bodhisattvas, [who] already understand [the] one mind [of] True Suchness’ rising [and] ceasing’s two doors, then cultivating faith [and] practice, but [whose] power [of] cessation [i.e. Śamatha] [and] contemplation [i.e. Vipaśyanā] is weak, [in] situational conditions [of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch] coarse [and] inferior, yet [to] enter within [the] Right Definite Assembly, [they are] not able [to] guarantee themselves, [to be] without retrogression.


Thus, further instructed [is] this supremely outstanding skilful means, [to] enable reliance [on the] other Buddha within one’s mind, [to] deliver [and] liberate oneself within [the] Buddha’s mind.


[It] must [be] known, [that the] earlier door [of] cessation [and] contemplation, [is] named ‘Mindfulness [Of] Self-Buddha Samādhi’.


Now instructed [is] mindfulness [of] Buddha [and/or] Bodhisattva, [that] is ‘Mindfulness [Of] Other-Buddha Samādhi’.


With mindfulness [of] Buddha and[/or] Bodhisattva, not giving rise [to] false [i.e. stray] thoughts [and] discrimination [i.e. differentiation, this] is cessation practice.


Understanding clearly, [that] all Buddhas [and] Bodhisattvas have great supernormal powers, skilful [and] expedient means, [who are] able [to] save myself and all [other] sentient beings, [this] is contemplation practice.


Therefore, when cultivating cessation [and] contemplation, if seeing [a] Buddha’s [and] Bodhisattva’s forms, know these [as] demonic matters, [and do] not give rise [to] grasping [at them].


Now, when mindful [of] Buddha [and/or] Bodhisattva, if still separately discussing [about] cessation [and] contemplation, [this] greatly resembles riding [a] cow [to] search [for the] cow.


However, when [with] Right Mindfulness [of] Buddha [and/or] Bodhisattva, perhaps attaining sight [of the] Buddha [and/or] Bodhisattva, [this] then should [be] understood clearly [to be] only [from the] mind as appeared. [One] absolutely [should] not grasp [at them], not give rise [to, and by] joy [be] moved, [and] not towards people speak [of this].


[Just] as [the] Honourable [Pure Land Tradition’s First Patriarch Great Master Huì]yuan in [his] entire life thrice saw holy forms, [he did] not speak [of this to] one person [until the end]. This [is] as [the] secret of success[ful practice].


Only [when] reaching, approaching [the] end [of life] seeing [the] Buddha [and/or] Bodhisattva, then is [this] connection [and] response [for] mutual interaction [between those cultivating the] path [and the Buddha and/or Bodhisattva], definitely not [a] demonic matter, [with] no need [to have] cause [for] doubt.


With [the] Buddha [and/or] Bodhisattva [with] attained great supernormal powers, [they will] definitely [be] mindfully protective [of] sentient beings with conditions [to be] mindful [of the] Buddha, not missing [the] opportune moment thus.


Speaking [of] those [who] give rise [to the] great vow, for delivering sentient beings, seeking birth [in] Pure Land, not for oneself alone exiting [from the cycle of] birth [and] death, having this great vow [of] Bodhi[citta, this] then is rebirth’s right [i.e. main; best] cause.


If not, even if mindful [of a] Buddha [and/or] Bodhisattva, with [the] Buddha [and/or] Bodhisattva [in] spirit not agreeing [with] one another, [one is] not able [to be] born [in] Pure Land.

Second, Truly Pointing [To] Seek Birth [In The Pure Land Of] Ultimate Bliss:


Treatise: As [the] sūtras say, if good men [and] good women, focus [on] mindfulness [of the] West[ern Pure Land Of] Ultimate Bliss’ Amitā[bha] Buddha, [and] with all good roots dedicate [with] Aspiration [to be] born [there, they will] definitely attain birth [there].


Constantly seeing that Buddha, [their] mind [of] Faith [will] grow, [and] forever not retrogress. In that [land], hearing [to learn the] Dharma, [and] contemplating [the] Buddha’s Dharma body [i.e. Dharmakāya], [they will] gradually, [yet most swiftly] cultivate practices [to] attain entry [into the] right place [for awakening of Buddhahood].


Commentary: [Although the] ten directions’ all Buddhas, [have] Pure Lands immeasurable, sūtras [and] treatises mostly point [towards] ‘return’ [to] that [Western Pure Land Of] Ultimate Bliss. Briefly, [there] are four reasons [for this].


First, [as] Amitā[bha] Buddha with this land’s humans have [the] most [karmic] connections thus, and even [with those in] remote villages [and] desolate coves. Whether male or female, whether old or young, whether wise or foolish, none [do] not know [how to] recite Amitā[bha] Buddha’s name [i.e. Āmítuófó].


Second, [as] Dharma Treasury [i.e. Dharmākara] Bhikṣu’s power [of] vows [is] supreme thus. All Buddhas’ fruits [of meritorious] virtues although [are] truly equal, within [the] causal [ground, of their] power [of] vows relied [on and] used [to] gather sentient beings, [there] are differences within no differences thus.


Third, [as mindfulness of the Buddha’s name] enables people [to be] continually mindful, [to] attain [the] focused mind thus. If not [with] focused praise [i.e. recitation], thus [will] sentient beings both desire [to be] born [in the] West, [and] also desire [to be] born [in the] East. [With the] mind without one definite [Aspiration], pure karma [is] difficult [to] accomplish.


Therefore, [the] ten directions’ all Buddhas, together extend [the] form [of their] broad [and] long tongues, [to] praise this one [Dharma] door, [to] enable people [to have] focused recollection.


Fourth, [as] Amitā[bha] Buddha, is [the] Dharma realm’s treasury body, [and the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, is [the] Lotus Flower Treasury Ocean.


Thus, seeing one Buddha, is as seeing immeasurable Buddhas. Birth [in] one [Pure] Land, is as birth [in] immeasurable [Pure] Lands. Mindfulness [of] one Buddha, is mindfulness [of] all Buddhas, is by all Buddhas as mindfully protected.


With [the] Dharma Body [i.e. Dharmakāya] not two thus, sentient beings [and the] Buddha [are] not two thus, [the ones] able [to be] mindful [and the one] as mindful [of] not two thus.


[With] one thought corresponding [by sincere mindfulness of Āmítuófó’s name, is with] one thought [aligned to the] Buddha. [With] thought to thought corresponding, [is with] thought to thought [aligned to the] Buddha.


[As the] cause possesses [the] effect completely, furthermore, [they are] without two thus.


As [the] other Pure Land sūtras [and] treatises [are] extensively clear [on this, they are] not able [to be] exhaustively narrated [here].

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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