[10] Why Great Bodhisattvas Seek Birth In Pure Land Too 为何大菩萨也求生净土


D2: Bodhisattva Assembly


[Sūtra]: Also [there were] many Bodhisattva-Mahāsattvas — Mañjuśrī [This (is) called ‘Wonderful Virtues’] [the] Dharma Prince, Ajita [This (is) called ‘Unconquerable’, Maitreya Bodhisattva’s name] Bodhisattva, Gandhahastin [This (is) called ‘Not Resting’] Bodhisattva, Constant Diligence Bodhisattva, with such other many great Bodhisattvas,


[Explanation]: [Of] Bodhisattva-Mahāsattvas, these [are] called [those with the] aspiration [to seek the] great path [to Buddhahood, to help] accomplish sentient [beings to do so too]. Thus [with] compassion [and] wisdom both applying [together, it is the] name [of those, who can, of] self [and] others, simultaneously benefit.


[With] Buddhas as Dharma Kings, [and with] Mañjuśrī [Bodhisattva] carrying on [the spiritual] family’s prestigious [activities, he is] named [as] Dharma Prince, within [the] Bodhisattva assembly, [with] wisdom [that is] foremost. [As if] not [with] ardent [i.e. courageous and zealous] true wisdom, [one is] not able [to] realise [and] understand [the] Pure Land Dharma Door, thus [does he] occupy [the] first [position].


[As] Maitreya [in the] future [will] accomplish Buddhahood, now abides [as an] Equally Awakened [Bodhisattva, he is] with [learning the] ultimate adornment [of a] pure Buddha Land as [his] key duty, thus [is he] listed second.


[As] Not Resting [Bodhisattva, since] distant kalpas [i.e. world cycles, have been] cultivating practices without pause, [he is named] thus. [As] Constant Diligence [Bodhisattva, is with] self-benefiting [and] benefiting others without tiredness, [he is named] thus.


These [and] other profound[ly high-]ranking Bodhisattvas, must all seek birth [in] Pure Land, [to be] not separated [from] seeing Buddha, not separated [from] hearing [the] Dharma, [and not separated [from being] close [for] making offerings [to the] Saṃgha assembly, [to] then [be] able [to] very swiftly complete [their] Bodhi [path of awakening to Buddhahood] thus.

[注:既然大菩萨都求生净土,初发心菩萨与凡夫也该如此 – 以便最迅速成大菩萨,最迅速利益一切众生,最迅速成佛道。 

Note: If even the highest ranking Bodhisattvas seek birth in Pure Land, so should beginner Bodhisattvas and we as ordinary beings – so as to most swiftly become great Bodhisattvas, most swiftly benefit all beings, and most swiftly attain Buddhahood.]

– 净土宗九祖澫益大师

– Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì
(Essential Explanation [Of The] Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of] Amitā[bha] Buddha)

Namo Amituofo : Translation & note by Shen Shi’an

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