Why Be Determined To Correct Faults For Good? 为何要决定改过向善?


Since knowing [how to be] shameful [and] repentant, why again as before walk [the old ways, with] evil not seemingly decreasing, [and] good not seemingly increasing?


Without other [reason, it is with the] mind not sincere [and single-minded] thus.


If [the] mind [is] with sincerity [as its] master, how can there be knowing [what is wrong], yet intentionally breaking [precepts]?


Those [who] know [what is wrong], yet intentionally break [precepts, are] with minds truly without sincerity [of] determination [to] correct faults, [to] change [to be] good thus.


[If] you yourself desire [to be] as [a] virtuous person, [a] good person, [you] naturally can far depart [from] evil habits.


Those not able [to] far depart, [are] attached [to] their minds [that are] not determined, [that] slowly wander [off the right path], thus [finding it] difficult [to] avoid again returning [to] old roads.


In future, [you should] absolutely not again send letters [to me, if] you [are] not willing [to] truly subdue [and] eradicate [your] personal selfish [desires, as] I, even though [offering] instructions, in the end, what benefits [are there if not heeded]?


You, if [already] willing [to] seriously examine your [own] faults [and] transgressions, what use [is there for] me [to] say [so] much, even though ‘Essential Sincerity’, [these] two words [of your Dharma name], already entirely includes [the key to] purity completely?


[A] person’s mind without hypocrisy, definitely [will] not go so far [as to being] not willing [to] correct faults, [to] change [to be] good.


For example, [if] truly knowing that [a] person is [with the] desire [to] harm me, even [if] that [person uses] many methods [to] ‘skilfully’ tempt, [I will] definitely not [be] willing [to be] fooled, with [being fooled thus] losing my life.  


[Those] willing [to be] fooled, are of people [who do] not know [the] good [from the] bad.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
Second reply letter to layperson Jīn Yìpíng

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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