[58] How Niànfó Led To Fearlessness


Hi teacher, I just finished your class, which I always enjoy. Thank you. As I didn’t share a story with you just now, I decided to send it to you…

I had a vivid dream last night. I dreamt that I was taking a cab ride to the airport together with my Uncle and Aunt, who are also attending your classes with me.

We were caught in a maze during the ride, as we kept going back to the same spot. After a while, the whole atmosphere turned eerie, with trees growing very tall and roads becoming elevated.

I got scared and started to Niànfó (i.e. be mindful of the name of Amitā[bha] Buddha: ‘Āmítuófó’). My Uncle and Aunt followed, and within a short while, everything went back to normal. We were then able to continue our ride to the airport.

I woke up right after that, and didn’t feel scared at all. I was just amazed by the dream, and the power of Niànfó working even in it.

Námó Āmítuófó : KT  


[1] The ride to the airport can represent the journey to anywhere, including departure from life.
[2] The maze can represent any situation repeatedly trapped in, including the cycle of rebirth.
[3] The frightening conditions of the nightmare was expression of negative karma.
[4] Even if conditioned by karmic creditor(s), it was essentially karmically caused by oneself.

[5] The ride can represent the horror of uncertainty or impending death.
[6] The threats and obstacles can represent those on the Difficult Path with only limited Self-power, and much negative karma.
[7] Normalisation leading to the way out was due to the support of Āmítuófó’s Other-power.
[8] Niànfó works even in dreams as it is essentially with the sincere mind that it is done.

[9] Effectiveness of Niànfó is proven as it switched a fearful state to a fearless state swiftly.
[10] The nightmare can be seen a way to ‘test’ readiness to Niànfó, even when with great fear.
[11] When fearful, there should be Niànfó with Faith, with which fear will dissipate.
[12] There should now be greater Faith that Niànfó will always work, when awake and asleep.
[13] The experience should be shared with loved ones to inspire them, including those in it.

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