Seven Superior Meritorious Virtues From Mindfulness Of Buddha 念佛功德七种胜

The ‘Amrita Commentary’ says:

First, is superiority of few words for easy practice. Only reciting one line of ‘(Namo) Amituofo’, all humans are able to be mindful thus.

Second, is superiority of [secondary] conditions of mindfulness being the Buddha’s realm. Wholeheartedly with conditions of mindfulness being the Buddha’s body’s excellent forms, and his Pure Land as the realm thus.

Third, is superiority of departure from difficulties and gain of peace. All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas bless and protect those mindful of the Buddha, to be without all suffering and difficulties, to gain peace, bliss and auspiciousness.

Fourth, is superiority of reciting the Buddha’s name’s ability to eradicate misgivings. Mindfulness of Buddha once eradicates eighty kotis of kalpas of births’ and deaths’ heavy misgivings.

Fifth, is superiority of upholding mindfulness’ gain of blessings. Reciting the Buddha’s name once is superior to using the four continents’ seven treasures as offerings to Buddhas and Arhats.

Sixth, is superiority of response of seeing the Buddha. Sentient beings who are mindful of the Buddha will definitely see the Buddha.

Seventh, is superiority of personal welcome for rebirth. Manifested Buddha(s) and Bodhisattvas emit light to welcome and receive practitioners, to be reborn in the Buddha’s land.

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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