What Mad Sickness Must Be Avoided? 应当戒除何种狂病?

‘世有好高鹜胜者,每每侈(chǐ)谈自力,藐视佛力。不知从生至死,无一事不仗人力,而不以为耻。何独于了生死一大事,并佛力亦不愿受,丧心病狂,一至于此? 净宗行者,所当切戒!’

– 净土宗十三祖印光大师

‘This world is with those who aim too [unrealistically] high in pursuing [spiritual] success [all by themselves], who often prattle [i.e talk much superficially, foolishly and inconsequentially] about self-power [in practice, while] looking down on [those who practise to connect with Amitabha] Buddha’s [other-]power [for support. They do] not [recognise or] know that from birth until death [in their lives], there is not one matter that does not rely on [other] humans’ power [of support], yet they are not “ashamed” of this. How is it that only regarding the one great matter of liberation from [the cycle of] birth and death, moreover with [the offer of a] Buddha’s power [for support, are they] also not willing to receive it, [choosing to] lose reason [due to the] sickness [of crazy] arrogance, [going] so far to reach this [state of seeing reception of a Buddha’s power as “shameful”]? For practitioners of the Pure Land school, of this [mad sickness, it] must be avoided!’

– Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yinguang
(Reply letter to Layman Xu Xitang)

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