Two Reasons Why Pure Land Is Not Reached 不得往生的两个原因






– 印光大师文钞(复独山杨慧芳居士书一)

Two Reasons Why Pure Land Is Not Reached

Regardless of old or young, male or female, noble or lowly, wise or foolish, householders or those who have left the householder’s life, if willing to give rise to true faith, give rise to sincere aspiration, with utmost sincerity reciting the Buddha’s sacred name [Amituofo], no one will not in this present life, when approaching end of life, attain rebirth [in his Pure Land].

This world’s people who practise mindfulness of Buddha are many, [yet] people who are reborn [in Pure Land] are few, as one [reason being] not [practising] according to the Buddha’s teachings, verbally saying [wishing to be] reborn, [but with the] mind attached to the conditions of dust [or six sense objects].

One [other reason being] not teaching family members to practise mindfulness of Buddha, also not in advance speaking of support-chanting’s benefits, and [instead with] blind excessive planning and preparation, in advance wiping to bathe, changing clothes, asking about matters, crying and other disastrous [matters].

Up till approaching the end of life, family members not only do not do support-chanting, they instead destroy right mindfulness [of Amituofo’s name]. With efforts failed on the verge of success, and [funeral] matters according to commoners’ views, enabling the deceased to sink into the bitter sea of birth and death. How is this not sorrowful and deeply regretful?  

– Great Master Yinguang’s Letters  (Excerpt of reply to Mount Du’s Laywoman Yang Huifang)

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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