With The Effect’s Ground Of Awakening, As The Causal Ground’s Mind 以果地觉,为因地心




– 印光大师文鈔(答丁福保居士代友人問)

‘As your friend asked, on “with the effect’s [fruit] ground of awakening, as the causal ground’s mind”, with Amituofo’s realised path to Bodhi’s awakening, is “Amituofo”, this one line, with his great name of a hundred thousand virtues, that encompasses and gathers purity completely.

Sentient beings who are mindful of the Buddha’s name [“Amituofo” via Nianfo], if able to sincerely and attentively firmly [faithfully] uphold and recollect it, thus with Amituofo’s fruit of merit[orious virtues and wisdom], they gradually perfume their [negative] karmic consciousness and false mind. Perfuming for a long long time, [negative] karma will be ended and [negative] passions emptied.

The mind and the Buddha join, and the mind the path join. The whole of sentient beings’ minds, transform to the Tathagata’s treasury [Buddha-nature]. The cause is complete with the effect’s [fruit’s] ocean [of meritorious virtues and wisdom, and] the effect [fruit] pervades the cause’s source [through Nianfo]. “With the effect’s ground of awakening, as the causal ground’s mind”, such is thus.’

– Great Master Yinguang’s Letters (Reply to Layman Ding Fubao’s friend’s question)

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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