Does Nianfo Offer Universal Protection?

Question: A relative said he was disturbed by a spirit strangling him at night. His wife did Nianfo (practice of mindfulness of Amitabha Buddha’s name – ‘Amituofo’) but it did not help. In the end, they engaged someone to chase the spirit away, who was said to be non-Chinese. What do you think?

Answer: There are cases among our Purelander friends, whom however did Nianfo, just once or a few times (to muster and express faith), in similar supernatural emergencies, even in foreign lands, and the disturbing spirits would immediately recede. There is universal and instant protection regardless of language or culture as mindfulness of Amituofo connects to all Buddhas’ protection.

Nianfo only does not seem to work if faith in Amituofo is not firm, thus making not enabling connection. Also, the one affected should practise personally, even if only mentally; instead of getting another to Nianfo at possibly other times and places, which are less relevant during actual emergencies.

It is best to persuade the couple to learn about Nianfo systematically and comprehensively via classes. It was unfortunate that there was merely chasing of the spirit away. Ideally, there should be compassionate offering of guidance and merits to facilitate rebirth in Amituofo’s Pure Land, also to dissolve the animosity that might not yet be ended.

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