How To Further Assure Reach Of Pure Land?

Question: Now that I know about the Three Provisions (of Faith, Aspiration and Practice), how can I further guarantee reach of Amituofo’s Pure Land?

Answer: You can do so by further increasing your Three Provisions. First, Faith can be increased by continual attending of Pure Land classes, fortified by further self-study, to banish any possibly hidden doubts that might grow, replacing them with profound and unshakeable Faith instead.

Next, while learning as above, clearly observe and contemplate upon your suffering, extending it to relate to the more intense suffering of other beings in Samsara. This helps to increase your compassion, making your Aspiration to reach Pure Land more purposeful, by seeing it not merely as a personal project, but for training well spiritually, so as to be a great Bodhisattva to guide all other beings to Buddhahood. Such Aspiration will become more and more aligned with Bodhicitta, the noblest of aspirations.

Finally, powered by increased Faith and Aspiration, and to express it, you should have more sincere and diligent personal and group Practice of Nianfo (mindfulness of the name of Amitabha Buddha – ‘Amituofo’), on as many regular occasions as possible. Thus can all Three Provisions be increased, also increasing guarantee of reaching Pure Land.

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