Mindfulness As ‘Magnetisation’

Mindfulness As ‘Magnetisation’

Part 1: Magnetisation

To make a piece of iron a magnet, it can be stroked with a stronger magnet, until it becomes magnetised. This has to be in one fixed direction, and it has to be done sufficiently, with the right effort and patience. If it is stroked occasionally in other directions, or not stroked adequately, it will never become magnetised. To retain and grow its magnetism to be a permanent magnet, it has to be kept away from disruptive elements like heat, radiation, electricity, and reverse magnets.

Part 2: Mindfulness

To become a Buddha, we are best inspired by a Buddha, through mindfulness of him until Buddhahood is attained. This is best done with wholehearted single-mindedness, and it has to be done sufficiently, with the right effort and patience. If we are mindful occasionally in other directions, or not mindful adequately, we will never become connected (to the Buddha or our Buddha-nature). To retain and deepen our affinity with a Buddha to eventually become a Buddha, we have to stay away from distracting elements like craving for sense pleasures (when it is time to Nianfo).

Part 3: Perfection

Even a piece of iron will become a perfect magnet when going towards a perfect magnet, when always with a perfect magnet, eventually also able to attract others, to also become perfect magnets. Until then, strive on!

Even we will become Buddhas when increasingly mindful of a Buddha, when always with a Buddha (in Pure Land to learn from him), eventually also able to guide others, to also become Buddhas. Until then, strive on!

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