The Two-Way Alignment In Nianfo

When we Nianfo with a sincere heart,
we will naturally align
our Buddha-nature’s Self-power
(from our self-nature’s Amituofo),
with Amituofo’s Other-power (the actual Amituofo).

Like using a stick with sincerity for pointing,
when it is held straight and forward,
aligning with us the pointer with the pointed,
the near end points to our Buddha-nature,
and the other end points to the Buddha.

The calibration of direction starts inside out,
from (right and) deep Faith and sincere (earnest) Aspiration,
to use our Buddha-nature,
to connect to the Buddha’s blessings,
via mindfulness of the name of Amituofo.

If we are yet to be aligned,
or our alignment goes astray,
come home immediately to resettle on the pure motivation,
to Nianfo even more sincerely,
and stray thoughts will fade, with connection deepening.

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Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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