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The Sacred Name of Amita Buddha (Amituofo) 阿弥陀佛之圣号

A 阿 (Ah) = Without 无
Mita 弥陀 (Mi Tuo) = Measure 量
A + Mita = Amita 阿弥陀 (Amituo) = Without
Measure = Immeasurable (Infinite) 无量

Abha = Light 光
Amita + Abha = Amitabha = Immeasurable (Infinite) Light 无量光
Amitabha Buddha = Buddha of Immeasurable (Infinite) Light 无量光佛

Ayus  = Life 寿
Amita + Ayus = Amitayus = Immeasurable (Infinite) Life 无量寿
Amitayus Buddha = Buddha of Immeasurable (Infinite) Life 无量寿佛

Buddha 佛 (Fo) = Awakening 觉
Amita Buddha = (Buddha of) Immeasurable Awakening 无量觉
= Buddha of Immeasurablity 无量佛
= Immeasurable Buddha(s) 无量佛 (as one in the Dharmakaya 法身)

Amitabha = Infinite Light of Infinite Wisdom and Blessings (which pervades the 10 directions 十方 of all space)
Amitayus = Infinite Life from Infinite Compassion and Merits (which pervades the 3 periods 三世 of all time)

Amita Buddha also represents Buddha-Nature 佛性,
the one Dharmakaya 法身,
his one Sambhogakaya 报身,
and his immeasurable Nirmanakaya(s) 应化身.

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