Why Expect Pure Land In Samsara?

It is natural to be unhappy with life in Samsara.
It is the First Noble Truth after all,
that unenlightened life is filled with suffering.

No matter where one is in Samsara,
it is ‘normal’ that there will be problems.
This is not Pure Land after all.

Although it is possible to perceive Samsara as PureLand,
it is very difficult to fully purify our perception
to do so within one lifetime here.

If there is no unhappiness in Samsara,
the Buddha  would not have taught about Pure Land,
and there would be no need to reach Pure Land.

It is exactly because of the contrasts
of Samsara and Pure Land,
that there is worth in leaving the first for the latter.

May we transform our grievances to be motivation,
to aspire for birth in Pure Land, to better train ourselves there,
before returning to guide more to True Happiness.

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