When Already Old, What Should Be Done? 已年老,该如何?

[When] Already Old, What Should [Be Done]?


[As] your father’s age [is already] old, [he] should immediately [be with his] whole body put down, [to] wholeheartedly [be] mindful [of the] Buddha[‘s name (Āmítuófó: 阿弥陀佛), to] seek birth [in his] Western [Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss (极乐世界)].


When reciting, [there] must [be], within [the] mind, reciting [that] must [be] clear, within [the] mouth, reciting [that] must [be] clear, within [the] ears, listening [that] must [be] clear. Even if not opening [the] mouth, [with the] mind within silently reciting, [there] also must [be with] word [to] word, line [to] line, listening [that] must [be] clear. With [the] mind together reciting, then having sound’s form. [With the] ears of oneself, listening [to the] sound of oneself within [the] mind, [that] is still loud [and] clear.


[If] able [to] constantly [be with] listening [that] must [be] clear, then [will the] mind return [to] one place, [with the] consciousness not [towards that] outside chasing. Thus [with the] eyes also not [at] others looking, [the] nose also not [at] others smelling, [and the] body also not lax, thus [is this] named ‘gathering all six roots.’

[Note: With the tongue root (舌根) not used for tasting anything, it is effectively ‘disabled’, thus also gathered with the other five roots above.]


Like this mindful [of the] Buddha, [with his] name as ‘pure mindfulness.’ With gathering of [the] mind with [the] Buddha’s name, then [even if with] mixed thoughts, although still yet [to be] completely without [them], however [with them] already lightened [and] reduced [by] very much.


If able [to] often [be with] ‘continuous succession’, then can [that] shallow attain wholeheartedness without [being] scattered, [that] deep then attain Samādhi [From] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha.


This [is] connected [to, in] ordinary days, enjoining [to] enable [the] essential meaning of [having the] focused mind [with] devotion. Every day constantly having [the] thought [of] going [to be] reborn, [with the] mind within not retaining one [other] matter.


[If] having those [which] should [be] handed over, immediately, in advance hand over them. [If] children [and] grandchildren have those [which] should [be] asked, immediately, in advance ask them. Waiting until approaching [life’s] end, then [with the] whole family reciting [the] Buddha[‘s name]. Without one matter [that] can [be] asked, also without one matter [to] hand over [then], everyone [should] together [with the] same voice recite [the] Buddha[‘s name].

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
Reply Letter [To] Layperson Xià Shòuqí

Namo Amituofo : Translation and note by Shen Shi’an


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