[95] The Parable Of The Two Doves From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之二鸽喻

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[The] Sūtra [Of A] Hundred Parables

[95] Parable [Of The] Two Doves


[In the] past, [there] were a male [and] female, two doves together [living in the] one same nest. When [in] autumn, [with] fruits ripening, [they] obtained fruits [and] filled [the] nest. At that later time, [with the] fruits drying, reducing [to seem] less, only [with] half remaining, [the] male dove angrily [to the] female [dove] said, ‘Obtaining [of the] fruits [was with] utmost suffering, [yet] you alone ate them, only having half remaining.’


[The] female dove replied, saying, ‘I [did] not alone eat [them, with the] fruits naturally reducing [to seem] less.’


[The] male dove, not believing, [with] anger then said, ‘[If it was] not you alone eating [them, with] what cause [did they] reduce [to be] less?’ Immediately with [his] beak pecking [the] female dove, [he] killed [her].


Yet [to] pass [a] few days, [from the] sky falling great rain, [as the] fruits got moist, returning [to] again [be] like before thus, [the] male dove, seeing [this] already, then gave rise [to] regret, ‘[As] that [dove] truly did not eat [them], I [have] wrongly killed her.’


[He] then sorrowfully called out [for the] female dove, ‘[To] what place [have] you gone?’


Of ordinary beings’ people, [they are] likewise thus, [with the] inverted in [their] embrace, presumptuously taking [their] desired joys, not contemplating impermanence. [With] violating [of] heavy prohibitions, [with] regrets [for] those arriving later. In the end, how [can] that [be] in time? Later only mournfully sighing, [they are] like that foolish dove.

[Note: There should be upright embracing of the Right Dharma (正法) with a sense of urgency as the already limited time in this life is always running out. If there are endless distractions by worldly desires, even leading to the breaking of many precepts, there might not be enough time for proper repentance and remedial action later.]

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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