[8] The Parable Of The Qiāng Mountain Person Who Stole From An Official Storehouse From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之山羗偷官库喻

[The] Sūtra [Of A] Hundred Parables

(8) Parable [Of The] Qiāng Mountain [Person Who] Stole [From An] Official Storehouse


[In a] period of [the] past, [there] was a Qiāng mountain [person, who] stole [a] King’s storehouse’s property and [to] far [away] escaped.


At that time, [the] country’s King sent forth people [to the] four [directions, to] investigate [and] arrest [him], to bring [him] before [the] King.


[When the] King then interrogated him [on] that place that [he] got [his] clothes, [the] Qiāng mountain [person] replied, saying, ‘My clothes thus are [the] property of [my] paternal grandfather.’


[When the] King sent [him to] put on [the] clothes, [as they are] truly not those [that the] Qiāng mountain [person] originally had thus, [he did] not know [how to] wear them, [with] that [which] should [be] at [the] hands put on at [the] legs, [and] that [which] should [be] at [the] waist instead put on at [the] head.


[The] King, [having] seen [the] thief already, gathered all [his] ministers [and] others, together clarified [on] this matter, and spoke these words, ‘If those are [your] clothes since your paternal grandfather[‘s time, you] should understand [how to] put [them] on. How [are you] invertedly using [the] above as [the] below? With not understanding thus, [we] definitely know your clothes must be stolen, [and are] not your old property.’


[To] borrow, with [these] as analogies, that King [is] like [the] Buddha, [the] gems’ treasury [is] like [the] Dharma, [and] that ignorant Qiāng mountain [person is] similar to [those of] external paths, eavesdropping [on the] Buddha’s Dharma [teachings, having] received [them] already, with [the] Dharma [teachings] within as [their] own existing [ones], however not understanding thus, [when] arranging [the] Buddha’s Dharma [teachings], confused [and] disordered [about those] above [and] below, not knowing [the] Dharma’s characterisitcs.


Like that Qiāng mountain [person who] attained [the] King’s gemmed clothes, not understanding [the] sequence, invertedly then wearing [them, they are] likewise thus.

[Note: When selfishly advantageous, those of external paths might ‘steal’ and claim aspects of the Buddha’s teachings as their original ones, when they do not even have basic understanding about them, in terms of the sequence of their forms and functions, what more about how to practise them.]

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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