[6] Top Ten Reasons For Using Āmítuófó’s Name When Support-Chanting 十大以弥陀圣号助念的原因

[6] Top Ten Reasons For Using Āmítuófó’s Name When Support-Chanting

[01] Greatest Ease: It is short and easy for the dying to follow, and for the living to recite, with even the very young and very old able to recite it.

[02] Most Cherished Tradition: Since ancient times, it is traditionally used by most Chinese Buddhists on the deathbed, including many Patriarchs (祖师) and Great Masters (大师).

[03] Collective Blessings: It is the ‘Great Name Of Ten Thousand Virtues’ (万德洪名), which connects to Āmítuófó, who is connected to all other Buddhas and their collective blessings.

[04] Dharma’s Essence: It is an unsurpassable mantra (无上咒), that contains the essence of all Buddhas (佛陀), Bodhisattvas (菩萨) and sūtra teachings (经教):

[05] Sincerity Only:
 It only requires sincere Faith (至信) for the living to recite it, along with the dying doing so with sincere Aspiration (至愿), verbally or mentally, to connect to the Buddha. Even listening to the Buddha’s name with such utmost sincerity is mindfulness of Buddha.

[06] Offering Relief: It can relieve pain and suffering (痛苦), while offering peace and bliss (安乐). (Even with just one sincere recitation of the Buddha’s name, this can eliminate ’80 koṭis’ kalpas’ transgressions of births and deaths’ [八十亿劫生死之罪], that cause pain and suffering.)

[07] Best Destination: It leads to the best place of rebirth, as recommended by all Buddhas, that ensures the swiftest progress to Buddhahood (佛果) – the Western Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss (西方极乐世界), through which all other Pure Lands and defiled lands (秽土) can be reached as wished.

[08] Great Efficacy:
 It is time-tested, with many ancient and contemporary testimonies of its efficacy in terms of auspicious signs (瑞相) upon connection and response (感应):

[09] Extensive Practicality:
 It is still useful and effective, for guiding the dying, after death, at the wake and at home, if rebirth has yet to take place. (For more on wake support-chanting, see

[10] Universal Benefits: It offers many great worldly (世间) and world-transcending (出世间) benefits for the living too:

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