[159] Those Yet To Be Old But First Declining Should Focus On Mindfulness Of Buddha 未老先衰,应专念佛

[159] [Those] Yet [To Be] Old [But] First Declining Should Focus [On] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha


Your excellency [is] yet [to be] thirty [years old, but] already appearing [with] appearances [of] decline. [You] certainly should renounce [(learning and practice of) the] extensive [to] observe [the] ‘simple’, [with] focused cultivation [of] pure karma [by practising mindfulness of Buddha (念佛)].

[Note 1: Even without signs of ageing, sickness and weakening, this life is already too short and unpredictable, to not focus on practising mindfulness of Buddha first, so as to prepare for the next life, which might arrive at any time.]


[With] pure karma greatly accomplished, then propagate other Dharma [teachings]. Hopefully attaining true [benefits for] self-benefitting [and] benefitting [of] others. Otherwise, although able [to] benefit people, also not [able to] completely [do so].

[Note 2: Only with mindfulness of Buddha practised well, should there be consideration of whether to propagate other teachings or not later. Without learning, practising and sharing of the Pure Land teachings as the priority, it is difficult to truly benefit others completely, in terms of leading them to Buddhahood, via reaching of Pure Land for spiritual progress.]

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
Dharma Master Yìnguāng’s Collected Writings (Third Compilation): Reply Letter [To] Layperson Yuánjìng;
Record [Of] Great Master Yìnguāng’s Collected Writings’ Essence (159th Short Section): 3rd [Chapter]: Guidance [On] Practice Methods: Fifth, Reviews [On] Practices’ Each Method (22nd Short Section)
[Ref: #159 / 3.5.22]

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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Record Of Great Master Yìnguāng’s Collected Writings’ Essence

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