[90] How A Son Encouraged Mindfulness Of Buddha To Personal Repay His Father’s Kindness 子劝念佛,亲报父恩

[90] How A Son Encouraged Mindfulness Of Buddha To Personal Repay His Father’s Kindness



[1] Learning And Practising Mindfulness Of Buddha In Time

Before my Father became ill at 83 years old, he did not know about the Dharma Door Of Mindfulness Of Buddha, about the practice of upholding the name of Āmítuófó. He was very healthy, able to manage his business and operate factory machinery. After becoming ill, he began to cultivate mindfulness of Buddha. At 85, on the 13th of April in 2013, as guided and received by Āmítuófó, he was peacefully reborn in his Pure Land.



[2] Truth Of Suffering’s Ageing, Sickness And Death

From my Father, I personally witnessed the suffering of this human life. He did not have diabetes, but due to his leg’s blood vessels becoming blocked, it began to fester. After surgery to expand the vessels was ineffective, the toes began to blacken and fall off. In the end, only amputation could save his life! The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths’ truth of suffering on ageing, sickness and death, appeared scene after shocking scene before my very eyes! The night before amputation, for the first time, I personally talked to him, to plant the seed of affinity with the Buddha. I could only console by saying the amputation will be for clearing his karmic debts. My usually stern Father then teared, with no choice but to accept this!



[3] ‘Fighting’ Death At The Hospital

Two weeks after amputation, my Father unfortunately had bacterial infection. The attending doctor held a meeting with our family. Three treatment plans were proposed. First, is to operate again to check the source of infection. The doctor was worried that my old Father would not be able to withstand a second major operation, and the chance of survival was not great. Second, is to go with the flow, without surgery. But if the infection worsens, the risks are also high. Third, is to insert a tube into the stomach, hoping that the bacteria can accordingly be discharged. The survival rate is predicted to be about five percent. In the end, our family decided to go with the third plan. For three weeks, my father fought death in the intensive care unit. My younger brother and I often guarded by the room’s glass window to silently recite the sacred name of Āmítuófó, dedicating the merits to my Father for eliminating his negative karma, also for sharing with his past lives’ karmic creditors (if present), for forgiveness of his past mistakes, hoping that they will also uphold the Buddha’s name together, to be reborn in his Pure Land. The meritorious virtues of mindfulness of Buddha are true and not false, as my Father actually survived! Inconceivable!



[4] With Upholding Of The Buddha’s Name, Eliminating Negative Karma And Accumulating Provisions

A week or two after discharge from the hospital and having returned home, perhaps due to medication’s side-effects, my Father could not recognise me. However, he could follow the encouragement to uphold recitation of Āmítuófó’s name together!



[5] Signs Before Rebirth

A few weeks later, after he began to be more clear-minded, my Father told us that he had personally seen Āmítuófó, sitting by his sickbed, and knew that we have been helping him to overcome his difficult situation with support-chanting! I exhorted my Father that if Āmítuófó comes again, he must not remain attached to this Sahā World, and should seize the opportunity, to follow him for rebirth in his Pure Land!



[6] Bringing Karma For Rebirth

One day, about two years later, my Father told me that he dreamt of a very beautiful place, (which should be the Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss). A few months later, he told my wife that he is able to walk again. (Pure Land beings are all without those handicapped). Actually, for these two years, he did not leave his bed, and only ate liquid food. A few weeks later, because of phlegm that he was unable to expel, in the midst of our support-chanting, he was peacefully reborn in Pure Land! The meritorious virtues of upholding the name of Āmítuófó are true and not false. The compassion of the Buddha is indeed inconceivable!



[7] With Wholehearted Mindfulness Of Buddha, With Heavy Karma Lighter Received

The doctor later informed my Sister that my Father actually had skin and bone cancer too. However, the cause for his departure was inability to expel phlegm, not any cancer! From the beginning to the end, he never suffered any pain from cancer! How very glad we were, and how inconceivable this is! My Father was indeed very fortunate.



[8] Gratitude To The Buddha And Teacher

My wife and I had the affinity to learn the Amitābha Sūtra from Teacher Shi’an’s Pure Land Buddhism course, and according to the Dharma, faithfully accepted and practised it. Later attaining Āmítuófó’s protection and blessings, then able to personally repay my Father’s kindness! With great gratitude to the Buddha and Teacher! I hope that the above sharing, is able to help everyone increase their faith in mindfulness of Buddha. I too, according to the situation, frequently use this true case, to widely proclaim the Buddha’s Pure Land Dharma Door!


Námó Āmítuófó:
Disciples of the Buddha, Jìnfú and Huìfāng
(7 July 2022)

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