[89] An Amnesiac With Mindfulness Of The Buddha, Without Sickness Yet With Good Departure 失忆者念佛,无疾而善终

[89] An Amnesiac With Mindfulness Of The Buddha, Without Sickness Yet With Good Departure


The Mother of our Qìgōng group’s friend Liú had amnesia and skin cancer. Mother Liú had visited our home before, for a few times joining in our Qìgōng friends’ dinner gathering, but did not know about Pure Land and the Dharma Door Of Mindfulness Of Buddha.


In March of 2022, my wife and I had a meal with Liú. It should be that her affinity to be ‘delivered’ and to ‘deliver’ had ripened, as we gave her a newly bought Buddha name recitation device, as a present for her Mother. (We had just bought two, with one for my wife’s Mother.)


With rejoice, Liú later told us, that her Mother still remembered us, and also accepted her suggestion to be mindful of the Buddha’s name in everyday life! Liú thereafter turned on the Buddha name recitation device every day, also reminding her Mother to be mindful of the Buddha’s name.


On the 26th of April, (just less than two months later), after Mother Liú finished eating a bowl of rice, she went to sleep serenely. Without flaring up of sickness, she then departed!


Námó Āmítuófó! Mindfulness of the Buddha has inconceivable immeasurable meritorious virtues!


Námó Āmítuófó:
Disciples of the Buddha, Huìfāng
and Jìnfú
(3 June 2022)

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Note: Just as the ancients wrote testimonies to inspire us to be mindful of the Buddha, we should also write to inspire those in the future to be mindful of the Buddha.

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