[1] First Pure Land Teachings’ General Essential: Collectively Speaking Of The Great Treasury Of Sūtras… 净土总要一:统言大藏…

Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text

[2] Second Scroll: Seven Essays [On The] Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essentials


[The] Great Treasury [Of Sūtras]《大藏经》within has [the] Immeasurable Pure [And] Equal Awakening Sūtra, [the] Sūtra [Of] Amitā’s Path [Of] Crossing [And] Delivering People, Immeasurable Life Sūtra, [and] Immeasurable Life’s Adornments Sūtra, [with] these four originally as one sūtra, [with] translators not [the] same, thus having four names.


[As] their [translation] errors [are] extremely many, I [have] long since revised [them], also [making] printing boards [for] circulating [them]. Now, according to these sūtras and other sūtras transmitting, [these are] as [the] ‘Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essentials’.

[1] First Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essential

[Collectively Speaking (Of The) Great Treasury (Of Sūtras)…]


Collectively speaking [of the] Great Treasury [Of Sūtras, [it] not only has more than ten sūtras speaking [of the] Western Pure Land’s matters. They broadly say, [that] that place [is] with [the] seven treasures’ adornments, without hell[-beings], hungry ghosts, birds [and] animals, down to [all] kinds of flitting, flying [and] wriggling [beings]. Constantly pure [and] natural, without all [the] defiled [and] mixed, thus [is it] named [as] Pure Land.


Its people [are] all [from] lotus flowers within born, [with] long life without ageing. [With] clothing, food [and] residential dwellings, according [to their] wishes manifesting [and] forming.


Its beautiful scenery [is] evergreen, without again [having] winter [and] summer. Greatly receiving happiness [and] bliss [there], without all suffering [and] afflictions, thus [is it] named [as the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss.


Its Buddha [has] that name [of] Amitā, [which is in] Sanskrit, [with] this called Immeasurable. With this Buddha’s bright light illuminating [for] seeing [the] ten directions’ worlds, without have limit. [As] all sentient beings [with] mindfulness [of] Buddha, [are] without [those] not knowing it, thus [is he] also named [as] Immeasurable Light Buddha.


[Of] this Buddha’s lifespan and [the] lifespan [of] his land’s people within, all have no limit. Although [passing through] Ganges River’s sands’ [number of] kalpas, likewise without having ending, thus [is he] also named [as] Immeasurable Life Buddha.


This Buddha has great vows [to] deliver people. [As] his majestic supernormal [powers are] inconceivable, thus, those [with the] sincere mind [and] Faith’s direction, mindful [of] his name, [in this] present life, [will] definitely eliminate disasters [and] difficulties, [with] avoiding [and] retreating [of] grievous ghosts, [with] peaceful body [and] mind, [with] increasing [and] extending [of] blessings [and] lifespan. [In the] Western [Pure Land’s] seven treasures’ ponds, then grows one stalk [of] lotus flower. [In] another day, from it within, relying [for] birth, [to be] directly liberated [to the] outside of rebirth.


[As] those like this all have [recorded] deeds, [these are] not empty words. That said [is] extremely easy [to] practise, [yet] complete [with the] Great Treasury [Of Sūtras’] eighty-four thousand Dharma doors within, [which are] without that essential shortcut like this. Yet, [as] people perhaps [do] not know [it, how] lamentable! Knowing [yet not practising [it, how] especially lamentable!


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Second Scroll: Seven Essays [On The] Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essentials

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
[2] Second Scroll: Seven Essays On The Pure Land Teachings’ General Essentials

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