[7] The Seventh Principle: When Approaching Life’s End, With Support-Chanting, Dissolve Obstacles And Difficulties 第七条原则:临终助念,化解障难

[7] [The] Seventh Principle: [When] Approaching [Life’s] End, [With] Support-Chanting, Dissolve Obstacles [And] Difficulties


Of people mindful [of the] Buddha, [they] should encourage [their] Fathers [and] Mothers [to be] mindful [of the] Buddha [to] seek birth [in his] Western [Pure Land].


However, desiring Fathers [and] Mothers, [when] approaching [life’s] end, [to] definitely [be] reborn [in the] Western [Pure Land, if] not in advance for family members speaking of [the] benefits [and] harms [of, when] approaching [life’s] end, [having] support-chanting, compared with [having] blind [and] excessive planning, preparation and crying, [this is] not possible.


Thus, desiring Fathers [and] Mothers, [when] approaching [life’s] end, [to] attain benefits of family members’ support-chanting, [to] not receive that destroying [of their] right mindfulness, [if] not [in] ordinary times for [them] speaking [the] benefits of mindfulness [of the] Buddha, [to] enable them, each [and] every [one, to be] constantly mindful, [this is] not possible.


Thus, then not only having benefits for Fathers [and] Mothers, truly having benefits for present living family members, later generations’ children [and] grandchildren too.


[On] support-chanting [when] approaching [life’s] end, regardless [of the] old [or] young, all should [know] thus. [For] details, see Bridge [With] Admonitions [For The] End, and [the] Three [Great] Essentials [When] Approaching [Life’s] End listed behind [to] personally know [this].

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng

(One Letter [As A] Common Reply)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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