[7] For Those Not Believing Cause And Effect, Not Believing In Pure Land 致不信因果,不信净土者

Seventh [Essay For] Arising [Of] Faith [In] Pure Land

[7] For Those Not Believing Cause [And] Effect, Not Believing [In] Pure Land


[There] are people not believing [in karmic] cause [and] effect, from [this] then not believing [in] Pure Land. [On] that cause [and] effect, how can [it be] not believed?


[A] sūtra says, ‘Wanting [to] know past lives’ causes, that [in this] present life received are [thus]. Wanting [to] know future lives’ effects, that] [in this] present life done are [thus].’ If not believing these words, why not with matters of [the] present observe?


Human life, therefore having [the] poor [and] wealthy, having [the] noble [and] lowly, having suffering [and] joy, toil [and] ease, having honour [and] disgrace, long life [and] premature death, these disasters [and] blessings [of] all kinds [are] not [the] same, although saying [this is] ‘heaven’s destiny’, how can heaven [have] favouritism for people?


Because with people’s past lives, that done not [the] same, thus [in this] present life receiving retribution [and rewards] likewise not [the] same, and [with] heaven, particularly hosting them only. Therefore, with this body, calling it [the] retribution body. That retribution body, [is with] retribution [and rewards for] my past lives, [for] that done, thus born [with] this body. How [can] heaven have [this in] mind?


For example, outside of people [who] have merits [and] crimes, [who] should receive rewards [and] punishment by government officials, how can government officials [have] favouritism for people? [They are] particular with [those] having merits [who] should [be] rewarded, having crimes [who] should [be] punished, then hosting them only. How can [they be] with rewards [and] punishment, without conditions yet increasing [them] for people? [The] world’s government officials also [will] not with rewards [and] punishments, without conditions yet increasing [them] for people, moreover [of the] nature [of] heaven [and] earth, how can [it be] with disasters [and] blessings, yet without conditions increasing [them] for people?


[With] this, know [that] with past lives, that done, having good [and] evil, thus with disasters [and] blessings, then [with] their rewards [and retribution]. With these not able [to have] pure according [with] good, thus not attaining pure receiving [of] their blessed rewards. Thus having those wealthy [and] noble, yet [with] suffering [and] premature death, having those poor [and] lowly, yet [with] long life [and] joy, having those [with] honour [and] favours, yet [with] distress [and] disgrace.


These [are] as [their] fruits [of] rewards [and retribution], each according [to] them, [to] that done, like reflections from forms, like echoes responding [to] sounds, [with the] finest hair not wrong, thus saying, [with] planting [of] peaches’ [seeds] attaining peaches, [with] planting [of] pears’ [seeds] attaining pears. Yet [to] have [are] those [with] planting [of] sesame then attaining beans, [with] planting [of] broomcorn then attaining millet.


When only planting [with] little, when harvesting [with] much. Thus, when doing good [and] evil extremely little, [with] receiving of retribution [and rewards], of disasters [and] blessings extremely great. Thus saying, ‘[In] spring planting one grain, [in] autumn harvesting ten thousand kernels. [In] human life doing good [and] evil, fruits [of] rewards [and retribution] return like this.’


[This is] because [of the] natural principles of nature. [As] these principles [are] believable, then speaking of Pure Land, [it] must [be] believable [too]. Why thus? That second, [on Pure Land, are] all [the] Buddha’s words. [With the] Buddha’s truthful words on cause [and] effect, [he] definitely [will] not falsely speak on Pure Land. Thus, [for] those because [of] not believing [in] cause [and] effect, from [this] then not believing [in] Pure Land, this can resolve their doubts.


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
First Scroll: Nine Essays [On] Arising [Of] Faith [In] Pure Land

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
[1] First Scroll: Nine Essays On Arising Of Faith In Pure Land, etc.

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