With Mindfulness Of Buddha Eliminating Transgressions [Is Most Powerful] 念佛灭罪[最有力]

[With] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha Eliminating Transgressions [Is Most Powerful]

大智度论云: 「有诸菩萨,自念谤大般若, 堕恶道,历无量劫, 虽修余行,不能灭罪。 后遇知识教念阿弥陀佛, 乃得灭障,超生净土。」

‘[The] Treatise [On] Great Wisdom’s Perfection’ says, ‘[There] are many Bodhisattvas, [who are] personally mindful [of having] slandered [the] Great Prajñā, falling [into] evil paths, passing immeasurable kalpas, [who] although cultivate other practices, [are] not able [to] eliminate [their] transgressions. Later meeting [good-]knowing [friends, who] teach [them to be] mindful [of] Āmítuófó, then attaining eliminating [of] obstacles, transcending [to be] born [in his] Pure Land.’

赞曰:「至心念佛一声,灭八十亿劫重罪。」此其明征乎! 所以者何?至心故也。 若匪至心,罪则不灭。毋曰圣训之无稽哉!

[As] praises say, ‘[With the] sincere mind mindful [of] Buddha [with] one recitation, [this] eliminates eighty koṭis’ kalpas [of] heavy transgressions.’ This [is] its clear proof! Why [is] that so? [It is with the] sincere mind thus. If not [with the] sincere mind, transgressions [are] then not eliminated. Do not say [the Great] Sage’s [i.e. Śākyamuni Buddha] instruction is nonsense!


[By] Ancient Hángzhōu’s Yúnqī Monastery’s Śramaṇa Zhūhóng Compiled
(Pure Land Tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Liánchí)
(Rebirth Collection: Third Scroll: Various Kinds [Of] Noble [Beings] Together Returning)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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