Amitābha Sūtra’s 20 Meritorious Virtues’ Adornments Of Amitābha Buddha’s Pure Land《阿弥陀经》之二十种阿弥陀佛净土功德庄严

Amitābha Sūtra’s Twenty Meritorious Virtues’ Adornments Of Amitābha Buddha’s Pure Land

This list can be used to summarise the great benefits of reaching his Pure Land.

[1] There is Amitābha Buddha teaching.
[2] There is no suffering but only all kinds of bliss.
[3] There are seven layers of balustrades, nets and lined trees, all surrounded by four treasures.
[4] There are ponds with seven treasures, water with eight meritorious virtues, pond beds with golden sand and stairways with four treasures.
[5] There are towering pavilions with seven treasures.

[6] There are large lotus flowers with four colours and lights.
[7] There is constantly heavenly music.
[8] There is gold as ground.
[9] There are constantly Māndarāva flowers raining from the sky.
[10] The flowers can be collected for making offerings to many Buddhas easily and swiftly.

[11] There is (learning and) practice of the Dharma with great ease.
[12] There are constantly rare and wonderful birds of various colours manifested by Amitābha Buddha, who always produce harmonious and elegant sounds that explain the Dharma, with whom listeners become mindful of the Triple Gem.
[13] There are no beings born from and for retribution of transgressions.
[14] There are no three evil paths or their names.
[15] There is music from breezes blowing through the trees and nets, with whom listeners become mindful of the Triple Gem.

[16] There is Amitābha Buddha’s (direct) immeasurable bright light (with immeasurable blessings).
[17] There is immeasurable lifespan of Amitābha Buddha and the beings.
[18] There are immeasurable Arhats and Bodhisattvas.
[19] There are all born to be Avaivartikas.
[20] There are extremely many in the Stage Of One Life To Replacement. All such beings of superior goodness above can be met.

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