Verses On Supreme Sight 胜见偈

Verses [On] Supreme Sight


Those [in the Pure] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, [with their] heavenly eyes [are] able [to] see, all other Buddha Lands, [with the] pure [and] defiled all seen.

[Note 1: One of the many great advantages of reaching the Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss (极乐世界) is that all there will have the heavenly eye (天眼), as empowered by Amitābha Buddha (阿弥陀佛), to directly see (and hear) all other Buddha Lands (佛土), both the pure and the defiled. By seeing Pure Lands (净土), there can be learning from more Buddhas, on how to attain Buddhahood, thus giving rise to perfect wisdom (圆满智慧). This aids in the higher seeking of the Buddha path (上求佛道). By seeing defiled lands (秽土), there can be learning more about ordinary beings, on how they suffer, thus giving rise to perfect compassion (圆满慈悲). This aids in the lower transforming of sentient beings (下化众生).

The above is attested by Amitābha Buddha’s ‘Sixth Vow Of All Attaining Heavenly Eye With Penetrative Sight’ (第六:皆得天眼彻视愿) in the Immeasurable Life Sūtra《无量寿经》: ‘[H]eavenly and human beings within my land, have those… attaining the heavenly eye, to at least see a hundred thousand koṭis of nayutas of all Buddha lands’ (国中天人… 得天眼,下至见百千亿那由他诸佛国者). It is also attested by his ‘Thirty-First Vow Of Pure Land With Illumination And Sight Of The Ten Directions’ (第三十一:净国照见十方愿): ‘[My] land… with all of it illuminating for seeing the ten directions’ all immeasurable, innumerable and inconceivable all Buddha lands (国土… 皆悉照见十方一切无量无数不可思议诸佛世界).]


Desiring [to] see Pure Lands, immediately as aspired, within [its] treasure trees, all [will be] illuminated [and] seen.

[Note 2: Even without leaving the Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss, all other Pure Lands can be clearly seen within it. Of course, it is possible to swiftly visit these other Pure Lands too, to make offerings to Buddhas and learn from them in person, thus cultivating both blessings and wisdom (福慧双修),before returning to the Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss just as swiftly. Even without leaving the Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss, making offerings to Amitābha Buddha and learning from him will suffice for swift progress towards Buddhahood.

The above is attested by Amitābha Buddha’s ‘Fortieth Vow Of Seeing All Buddha Lands Accordingly As Wished’ (第四十:随意见诸佛国愿): ‘[A]ccordingly as wished, with desires to see the ten directions’ immeasurable majestic and pure Buddha lands, they will immediately as aspired, within the treasure trees, all be illuminated and seen’ (随意欲见十方无量严净佛土,应时如愿,于宝树中,皆悉照见).


Within [the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, [with the] Buddha’s supernormal power thus, desiring [to] see [them], then seeing [them], mountains, oceans [and] other objects.

[Note 3: In the Immeasurable Life Sūtra, this was taught, ‘[T]hat land is without Mount Sumeru, and Vajra Wall, with all mountains. Likewise without great oceans, small seas, streams, channels, wells and valleys. With the Buddha’s supernormal power thus, desiring to see them, then seeing them.’ (又其国土,无须弥山,及金刚围,一切诸山。亦无大海小海、溪渠井谷。佛神力故,欲见则见。)

Although the Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss by default has no mountains, oceans and such, which in our world represent inequality and obstacles, they can be seen there as wished. This means the Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss is as if reshapable at will, without losing its pure spiritual and physical advantages. With such skilful yet guided adaptability, this further emphasizes that there is simply no good reason to not reach and train via the Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss.]

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