The Buddha’s Ten Intentions For Teaching The Contemplation Sūtra 佛陀教导《观经》之十意


Now including all [of the Contemplation Sūtra’s] text, briefly stating [Śākyamuni Buddha’s] ten intentions [for teaching it].


First, for sympathising [with] sentient beings enduring [of] all suffering, without cause [for] liberation thus. [The] sūtra says, ‘If after [the] Buddha [enters] Parinirvāṇa, all sentient beings [and] others, [will be] defiled, evil [and] unvirtuous, [by the] Five Sufferings bothered’ [and] others. Also saying, ‘For future lives’ all great assemblies, those [who] desire [to be] liberated [from] suffering, speaking this contemplation [of] ground’s method.’


Second, for sympathising [with] sentient beings by [negative] karma bound, without cause [for] liberation thus. Like [the] below, [the] sūtra says, ‘[Mindfulness of Buddha] eradicates immeasurable koṭis [of] kalpas’; [with one thought eradicating] eighty koṭis [of] kalpas [of] births’ [and] deaths’ heavy transgressions’ [and] others.


Third, for sympathising [with] sentient beings [with] afflictions’ obstacles heavy, not able [to be] severed thus. [The] sūtra says, ‘[The] Thus Come [One] now, for future lives’ all sentient beings, for those by afflictions’ thieves harmed, [will] speak [of] pure karma.’


Fourth, for sympathising [with] sentient beings [with] blessings [and] virtues shallow [and] thin, receiving poverty [and] suffering thus. [The] sūtra says, ‘Only contemplating [the] Buddha’s image, attains immeasurable blessings, moreover [with] contemplating [of the] Buddha’s complete bodily forms.’ Also saying, ‘Thus, [of] this [Contemplator Of The World’s Sounds] Bodhisattva, only hearing his name, obtains immeasurable blessings, furthermore [if] attentively contemplating.’

五、为愍众生随邪背正,去佛远故。经云:「若念佛者… 当坐道场,生诸佛家」等。

Fifth, for sympathising [with] sentient beings [with] following [of] evil [and turning of their] back [to the] right, [to] leave [the] Buddha afar thus. [The] sūtra says, ‘If [there are] those mindful [of the] Buddha… [they] will sit [in their] bodhimaṇḍa, [by being] born [in] all Buddhas’ home’ [and] others.


Sixth, for enabling sentient beings [to] depart [from] all [the] defiled, [to] abide [in a] pure realm thus. [The] sūtra says, ‘If [there are] those mindful [of the] Buddha, [you] should know [that] these persons, are within humans, puṇḍarīka flowers.’


Seventh, for enabling sentient beings’ minds [to] easily attain concentration thus. [The] sūtra says, ‘[You] should focus [your] minds [with] continual mindfulness single-pointedly, [to have] contemplation of [the] West.’ If not [with] definite pointing [to] one direction, then [with] samādhi difficult [to] accomplish thus.


Eighth, for enabling seeing [of the Buddha’s] body, [to] accomplish Samādhi [Of] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha thus.


Ninth, for enabling seeing [of the Buddha’s] body, seeing Immeasurable Life Buddha thus.


Tenth, for enabling sentient beings [to] quickly accomplish Buddhahood thus. [The] below says, ‘When [the] mind [is with] thoughts [of the] Buddha, this mind is the same as [his] thirty-two forms,’ [and] others. Thus [does the A]mitā[bha] Sūtra say, ‘Those born [in] that land, all attain non-retrogression [for] Anuttarā Samyak Saṃbodhi.’


[The] Buddha’s intentions [are] serene [and] profound, [that those with] ordinary feelings [and] desires [are] ignorant [of how to] measure [them]. Moreover, using [these] ten intentions, [to] include [and] show [the] great way, then [as this] one sūtra’s spirit, to understand [it] as [clearly as] pointing to the palm of the hand.

Vinaya Master Língzhī Yuánzhào
(Commentary [On] Meaning [Of The] Sūtra [On] Contemplation [Of] Immeasurable Life Buddha)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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