That Of Sickness, Is Good Medicine Of Sentient Beings 病者,众生之良药


[The] world’s people [are] with sickness as suffering. Yet, former virtuous [ones] say, ‘That [of] sickness, [is] good medicine of sentient beings.’


Is it not [that] medicine and sickness [are] opposites? How [can it be] with sickness as medicine?


Because having bodies of forms, not able [to be] without sickness, this principle [of] developing [this] tendency [to be sick, is] that which [is] certain.


Yet when without sickness, [being] ‘happy’ [and] heedless, who [are] those aware of [this]?


Only [when there is] sickness’ suffering bothering [the] body, then knowing [the] four great [elements are] not true [i.e. as they are not unchanging], [that] human life [is] impermanent, then [with] remorse [and] awakening, of [this] one thought, and [with it], cultivating diligently, of [this becoming] a support.


I, [as from] leaving [the] household [life] until now, [having] great sickness [and] dying thrice, then [with] every sickness, gave rise [to] remorse [and] awakening, [to] increase cultivation diligently, due [to] this, believe this saying of good medicine, [that] these [are] true [and] sincere words!

Pure Land Tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Liánchí  
(Essays [By The] Bamboo Window)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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