[12] Twelfth Chapter On Bright Light Being Immeasurable (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》光明无量第十二

Twelfth [Chapter On] Bright Light [Being] Immeasurable


[The] Buddha told Ānanda, ‘Immeasurable Life Buddha’s mighty supernormal bright light [is the] most honoured [and] foremost. All Buddhas’ bright lights [are] those not able [to] compare with [it]. Perhaps illuminating [a] hundred Buddha worlds, perhaps [a] thousand Buddha worlds, essentially speaking of [it], thus illuminating [the] eastern direction’s Ganges’ sands [of] Buddha lands. [In the] southern, western, northern, four intermediate, above [and] below [directions], likewise thus. Perhaps having Buddhas’ lights illuminating to seven chǐs, perhaps illuminating one yojana, two, three, four, five yojanas, thus [in] turn [for many] times, and even illuminating one Buddha land.


Therefore, Immeasurable Life Buddha [is] named Immeasurable Light Buddha, Boundless Light Buddha, Unobstructed Light Buddha, Incomparable Light Buddha, Flame King Light Buddha, Pure Light Buddha, Joyful Light Buddha, Wisdom Light Buddha, Uninterrupted Light Buddha, Difficult-To-Conceive Light Buddha, Unnameable Light Buddha [and] Surpassing Sun [And] Moon Light Buddha.


[If] there are sentient beings [who] encounter this light, [their] three defilements [will be] eliminated, [and their] bodies [and] minds [will be] gentle [and] soft, [with] joyful enthusiasm [and] good minds arising then. If [those] at places of [the] three paths [with] utmost suffering, see this bright light, [they will] all attain cessation, without again [having] suffering [and] afflictions. After [their] lives end, [they will] all receive liberation.


Immeasurable Life Buddha’s bright light prominently illuminates [in the] ten directions. All Buddha lands [are] without [those who have] not heard [about] it. Not only [am] I now praising his bright light, all Buddhas, Voice-Hearers, [those by] Conditions Awakened [and] all Bodhisattva assemblies, all together highly praise [it], likewise thus.


If [there] are sentient beings, [who] hear [of] his bright light’s mighty supernormal [powers and] meritorious virtues, [in] day [and] night recite [his name, with] sincere minds uninterrupted, accordingly [as] wished, [with] that aspired, [they will] attain birth [in] his land. By assemblies of all Bodhisattvas [and] Voice-Hearers, [as] those together highly praised, [with] praise [of] their meritorious virtues. Until when they finally attain [the] Buddha path, universally by [the] ten directions’ all Buddhas [and] Bodhisattvas, [they will be] praised [for] their bright lights, likewise like now too.’


[The] Buddha said, ‘My speaking [of] Immeasurable Life Buddha’s bright light’s mighty supernormal [powers, that are] imposing [with] special wonders, [in] day [and] night [for] one kalpa, [will] still yet [to be] able [to] exhaust [them].’

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