[20] The Land Of Ultimate Bliss’ Seven Layers, Four Treasures & Four Lands 极乐世界之七重、四宝与四土


F2: Restricted [To] Those Received [And] Used Benefits’ Explanation


[Sūtra]: Moreover, Śāriputra, [as the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss [has] seven layers [of] balustrades, seven layers [of] nets, [and] seven layers [of] lined trees, all with four treasures surrounding, therefore [is] that land named as “Ultimate Bliss”.


[Explanation]: [The] seven layers, express [the] seven categories [of] path qualities.

[Note 1:

Seven Categories Of Path Qualities (七科道品):

(1) Four Mindfulness Foundations (四念处)
(2) Four Right Efforts (四正勤)
(3) Four As Wished Bases (Of Power) (四如意足)
(4) Five Roots (五根)
(5) Five Powers (五力)
(6) Sevenfold Bodhi Factors (七菩提分)
(7) Eightfold Noble Path (八圣道分)]


[The] Four Treasures, express eternity, bliss, [true] self [and] purity, [as the] Four Virtues [of Buddhahood].


Those ‘surrounding’, are the] Buddha’s, Bodhisattvas’ [and] other immeasurable [beings’] dwelling places.


All [being with the] ‘Four Treasures’, thus [are] personal meritorious virtues profound, ‘surrounding’ thus [are] other virtuous noble [ones] everywhere, [as] these [Land Of] Ultimate Bliss’ true causes [and] conditions.


These [and] other adornments,


[of the] Together Dwelling Pure Land, is [by] increased superior good karma that [is] induced, also [by the] Complete Teaching’s Five Grades’ Contemplations that [is] induced, therefore [with] conditions giving rise [to] supremely wonderful Five Dusts [of forms, sounds, smells, tastes and touch] as essence.

[Note 2:

Five Grades’ Contemplations’ (五品观):

(1) Rejoice (随喜)
(2) Reading And Recitation (读诵)
(3) Narration And Explanation (讲说)
(4) Simultaneous Practice Of Six Perfections* (兼行六度)
(5) Main Practice Of Six Perfections (正行六度)

The Five Grades’ Contemplations subdue the Five Abode (or Abiding Ground) Afflictions** (五住地烦恼).

* Six Perfections (六度):

(1) Generosity (布施)
(2) Upholding Of Precepts (持戒)
(3) Patience (忍辱)
(4) Diligence (精进)
(5) Concentration (禅定)
(6) Prajñā (般若: Wisdom for complete liberation of all beings)

** Five Abode Afflictions (五住地烦恼):

(a) (Confused) Views (Gathered In) One Place (With Attachment To Three Realms’) (三界) Abode (见一处住地)
(b) Desire Realm’s Attachment’s Abode (欲爱住地)
(c) Form Realm’s Attachment’s Abode (色爱住地)
(d) Formless Realm’s Attachment’s Abode (有爱住地)
(e) Ignorance’s Abode (无明住地)

The first four Branch Afflictions (枝末烦恼) arise from the last Root Affliction (根本烦恼).]


[The] Expedience Pure Land is [by] thus Emptiness Contemplation’s wisdom that [is] induced, also [by] similar [to having the] Three Contemplations, that [is] induced, therefore [with the] wonderful Absolute Truth without outflows’ five dusts as essence.


[The] True Reward’s Pure Land is [by] wonderful Provisional Contemplation’s wisdom that [is] induced, also [by] partial realisation [of the] Three Contemplations that [is] induced, therefore [with] wonderful Conventional Truths’ inexhaustible five dusts as essence.


[The] Eternal Still Light Land is [by] thus Middle [Path’s] Contemplation’s wisdom that [is] induced, also [by the] ultimate Three Contemplations that [is] induced, therefore [with the] wonderful Middle Path’s truth’s Matching Nature’s five dusts as essence.


Desiring [to] enable easy understanding, [is there] making [of] these differentiations.


[In] truth, [the] Four Lands’ adornments, [are] not without causes [and] conditions that give rise [to] dharmas, without [that] not the same as emptiness, [the] provisional [and the] Middle [Path].


Therefore, [the Land Of] Ultimate Bliss’ Together Dwelling [Land’s] pure realm, [is with] Absolute [and] Conventional [Truths] interpenetrating, [that] cannot be limited. [The] below imitates this.


Question: [If the] Still Light [is] only [of] Principles’ Nature, how [are] there these adornments?  


Answer: Each [and] every adornment, [is with the] complete essence [of]     Principles’ Nature, [just as] each [and] every [aspect of the] Principles’ Nature, [is] complete [with] adornments, then being all Buddhas’ ultimate Circumstantial [Rewards’] fruits.  


If [the] Still Light [is] not complete [with] supreme wonders [of the] five dusts, how [is it] different [from being] partial [to the] Absolute Truth’s Dharma-Nature [of emptiness]?

– 净土宗九祖澫益大师

– Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì
(Essential Explanation [Of The] Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of] Amitā[bha] Buddha)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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