[64] How Sincere Niànfó In The Dead Of The Night Helped

With regards to why Niànfó (i.e. practise sincere mindfulness of the name of Āmítuófó) in the middle of the night is not only harmless, but helpful, I would like to share something that happened last week.

My Mum had been hospitalised on Tuesday with signs of stroke in an MRI scan. When I am at work, nobody else is at home, and she had already fallen thrice this year. But whenever I brought up the idea of having a maid, she is always against it. Previously, I had employed a maid but there was conflict just after only 7 days. Hence, I learnt that I need my Mum to recognise that she needs a maid to help her, before I could hire another.

Since my Mum is hospitalised, my brother who lives elsewhere pressurised me to get a maid. I was unable to comply as my Mum still did not see any need, as she does not feel sick in any way. I either have a maid with some undesirable outcome or my Mum falling alone. It was a deadlocked situation without any solution in sight.

On Wednesday night, desperate with no solution, I recalled you mentioning, that when in a bad state, even more must we Niànfó. Although I was mentally very tired after fending off my brother and handling my Mum, I told myself to Niànfó, even if it is just for a short while.

The next day, I felt more at ease as I continued to think of ways to persuade my Mum. The doctor called saying that they will not discharge my Mum unless she has someone at home to look after her, since she has super high fall risk. I knew my chance had come. I asked the doctor to tell my Mum that they will not discharge her unless she gets a maid, which he very promptly did. As a person of authority, it greatly helped to get the point across, which led to my Mum agreeing to get a maid.

Within a few hours after Niànfó, my problem disappeared instantly, with very little effort from me. And I did practise Niànfó in the dead of the night, when I needed help the most. Am sharing this to dispel the groundless misconception that Niànfó should not be done at night, as Amituofo is always available to offer blessings, to eradicate karmic obstacles and inspire wisdom.

Namo Amituofo : Vee (name changed for privacy)

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