Verses On Right Practice 正行偈

Verses On Right Practice


With Faith and Aspiration upholding Āmítuófó’s name,
this is the Easy Practice Path.
If mixed with many other practices,
it becomes a Difficult Practice Path.


This mindfulness of Buddha Dharma Door,
already is an Easy Practice.
If further simplified,
it will not be Right Practice.


[1] The Right (i.e. Main) Practice (正行) for the mindfulness of Buddha Dharma Door (念佛法门) is to uphold recitation of Āmítuófó’s name (持名: 阿弥陀佛) with profound Faith (深信) and sincere Aspiration (切愿). For more detailed definitions of the Three Provisions (三资粮) of Faith, Aspiration and Practice (信愿行), see the related article below.

[2] Due to the relatively easier nature of that stated in [1] for practice, together with the great support of Āmítuófó’s Other-Power (他力) that combines with one’s limited Self-Power (自力), this becomes an Easy Practice Path (易行道).

[3] In addition to [1], if one commits to many other mixed Self-Powered practices as Supportive Practices (助行) too, to that extent, one’s path becomes a more Difficult Practice Path (难行道).

[4] As long as [1] is not neglected as the core practice, Pure Land will be reached. However, it must be practised properly, and not be distorted with wrong thinking that more of other practices are needed for reaching Pure Land. While more Supportive Practices do lead to a higher grade of birth in Pure Land, it is the Right Practice that leads to birth in Pure Land in the first place.

[5] As that stated in [1] is already the easiest path possible, it must not be made even ‘easier’, such as by forgoing one, two or all of the Three Provisions, or by misunderstanding their definitions, such that there will no longer be Right Practice.

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